October is all about New Dances and our First National Tour

October is all about New Dances and our First National Tour

Break out the blood berry nail polish and cashmere skull sweater - IT’S OCTOBER. Easily, my favorite month of the year - and not just because it’s my birthday month (Scorpios unite!) but because it’s a true month of transformation. There is a glossy bold black line between September 30th and October 1st: the air feels different - clear and crisp - and the murky expansion the heat brought of months past disappears into a swift spooky vapor.

In the spirit of the season change, our new dances launched this month. I always feel proud when we’ve “done it again.” Years ago, my co-founder Courtnay and I committed to putting out 8-10 new dances every single quarter: and come rain, shine, or pandemic it’s always happened. This modus operandi insists on promoting necessary change for all of our clients, from our existing pros to the newest newbie. Everyone gets to start fresh this month.

Another transformation this month, Alex, our Senior Director of Business Development, is pregnant! This is always so thrilling for us as a team - it’s what we live for, seeing our tribe thrive through the life phases. There’s lots of belly touching, talking to the baby, and discussion of Prenatal exercises. Even before Alex joined us as a team member years ago, she was a true DanceBody Babe and a heavy DB user. So now to watch her go through her daily workouts with baby is awesome.

Do you or a friend need a great prenatal workout? Alex and I went LIVE this past Monday on our weekly Daily Dose segment with two workouts inspired by and made for our prenatal #DanceBodyMoms. Check out our prenatal safe Low Impact Cardio and Full Body Sculpt On Demand.

Bridging the gap between the digital and IRL experience is paramount for all of us. Heading out to our next tour stop, Los Angeles, this October is definitely going to be a highlight! I haven’t been back to LA for a couple years now, but I remember all the eager, smiling faces as we initially started our expansion west. With Brooke, our LA DanceBody Trainer, at my side, we are ready to show some California Love with unique pop up stops, classes, and events. I hope to finally meet more of our west coast #StreamTeam in person. Check out where we are headed and join us on Tour.

This is the truest month of nestling tight into a new routine. Let’s take the time to set ourselves up in a solid place before the landslide of holidays, and into a fresh New Year. Here’s to our next month of transforming together. Share in the comments below what your focus is for this month!

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Can't wait to see you in studio and online to learn this month's new dances!
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