10 Year Anniversary Challenge

On April 26th, DanceBody celebrates our 10th Anniversary. From humble beginnings in 2013 to where we stand today in 2023, we couldn't be prouder of what we've built. We're celebrating our silver anniversary with a pre-summer 30-day challenge.

The 10 Year Anniversary Challenge kicks off on April 26th and ends May 26th - just in time for Memorial Day.

No fee to join - but make sure you officially sign up to get your classes counted.

In-Studio: Take 20 classes or more, win a limited edition DanceBody 10th Anniversary T-Shirt.

Online: Take 20 LIVE classes or more, and you'll be entered to win a FREE virtual private session.

10 Year Anniversary Challenge Details

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At least 20 classes and you'll get a DanceBody 10th Anniversary T-Shirt.

Join us on April 26th in NoMad and TriBeCa for a kick-off party with some of our favorite wellness partners.


At least 20 LIVE classes and you're entered to win a Free Virtual Private Session.

We'll have class tracker cards so you can keep track of your classes, since as we know, stickers are motivating!

The Challenge is Free to Join but You Must Sign Up!

As part of our 10th anniversary celebration, our Founders are challenging you to classes every single morning the weeks of 5/1 and 5/15. But these aren't our regularly scheduled classes - you won't want to miss these classes taught by Katia + Courtnay.

DanceBody LIVE: All classes are LIVE and sold separately. BOOK HERE.

In-Studio: These classes will sell out fast. BOOK HERE.

Triple A: Arms, Abs, Ass We say it all the time, and now we’re devoting an entire class to it: Arms, Abs, and Ass! Using our new 8lb HexWeight, you’ll see what our Founders can do in just one intense class.

DanceHIIT Switching between intervals of high intensity dance cardio and low intensity sculpting moves, this class challenges your heart rate and conditions your body in a totally different way.

Hip Hop Hits, The 2000’s Dig out those low rise jeans, iPods, and chunky belts and enjoy this full hour of our favorite hip hop jams from the 2000’s decade. Outfits optional, but encouraged.

Sculpt, 90’s Jams A time when the running man was the only dance craze and scrunchies weren’t a throwback, but a necessity - that’s right Millennials, the 90’s! This Sculpt class is a good vibration. Outfits optional, but encouraged.

Dance & Sculpt, Britney vs. Beyonce If you missed it in 2020, we're bringing it back - the battle royale of Queen B vs. B. Spears. The first 30 minutes will feature follow along dances from their best known hits, followed by 30 minutes of full-body sculpting. Who’s team will you be on?

Dance Through the Decade: 2013-2023 So many hits were made from 2013 to 2023, and our Founders had no lack of creativity during that time when they were building DanceBody. Enjoy this blast from the past in a class where they go back through the archives of our favorite dance cardio from the last decade.