Sculpt Bundle

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The most important part of our Sculpt class is the equipment you use. With the Sculpt Bundle, you’ll have everything you to need to get the results you crave.

– Dance Bands™

– Sculpt Bands

– Resistance Band





Dance Bands™

Our Dance Bands™ are meant to be worn during your entire DanceBody workout: dance cardio and sculpting.


Each strap weighs 3/4 lb creating the extra resistance you need to tone your upper body in every exercise - you can also creatively wear them for most activities!


Made of 100% silicone featuring our sleek logo, this design will fit tight enough on even the smallest wrists. Our Dance Bands™ are easy to wipe down after your workouts to stay odor-free at all times.


Sold as a pair

Strap Size - 10.25" length x 1.75" width

Generally fits 6.5" - 9.25" wrists


Manufactured  for DanceBody by Tone-y-Bands®

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Sculpt Bands

Our 1 lb Sculpt Bands are meant to be worn around your ankles during our Sculpt Class. They add that little bit of extra resistance to feel the burn, and look sleek while doing it.


Made of 100% Silicone with adjustable Velcro enclosure
Sold as a pair
1 lb each. 2 lb per pair

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