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Elite Bundle

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Be the rockstar you KNOW you are!
Hex Mat, Dance Bands, and 3-Months of DanceBody@Home

Hex Mat™

The proprietary design of our Hex Mat was created specifically to cater to the DanceBody exercises.

Our 3/4 inch cushioned mat enables you to easily shift positions during the sculpt portion of our workout. The numbered 1-6 corners make it easy to understand where the instructor is moving, and how best to find that angle with your body.

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Dance Bands™

Our Dance Bands™ exercise weights are meant to be worn during your ENTIRE DanceBody workout: dance cardio AND sculpting. Each strap weighs 3/4 lb creating the extra resistance you need to tone your arms throughout your entire workout.

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DanceBody@Home Online Workouts

3-months of access to over 400 dance-inspired workouts through our online platform, DanceBody@Home.