The New You Bundle

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Welcome to the “New You”
This bundle contains everything you need to become the best version of yourself this year.


– 3 months of DanceBody@Home On Demand

– Sculpt Bands

– Dance Bands™

– 3 lb D-Weights

– Resistance Band


*Available only for the month of January

Dance Bands™

Our Dance Bands™ exercise weights are meant to be worn during your ENTIRE DanceBody workout: dance cardio AND sculpting. Each strap weighs 3/4 lb creating the extra resistance you need to tone your arms throughout your entire workout.

In stock (can be backordered)

Sculpt Bands

Our 1 lb Sculpt Bands are meant to be worn around your ankles during our Sculpt Class. They add that little bit of extra resistance to feel the burn, and look sleek while doing it.


Made of 100% Silicone with adjustable Velcro enclosure
Sold as a pair
1 lb each. 2 lb per pair

In stock

DanceBody@Home Online Workouts

3-Months of access to over 500 dance-inspired workouts through our online platform, DanceBody@Home.



Our D-Weights are designed specifically to use during the sculpting portion of DanceBody classes to refine your upper body. The d-shape of the weight makes them easy to hold while you move through our exercises.  These light weights, available in 2lb or 3lb sets, are used mainly during our Sculpt class.


Material: Vinyl, Cast Iron
3 lb set