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Join us in the Hamptons + New Jersey all summer!

Join us in the Hamptons + New Jersey all summer!



Reshape your body through unique movements that only dancers can deliver.


Using light weights, resistance bands, and a Hex Mat®, we leave no muscle untouched.


Great for all levels.


Whether it’s Dance or Sculpt, our 45 minute Express Classes deliver nonstop energy.


If you’ve never tried dance fitness before, this is a great place to start.


Experience the class that started it all. Signature showcases our set dances followed by full body sculpting.


Every three months our choreography changes, giving you the ability to truly practice, perfect, and perform.


Give yourself 3-5 classes to get the moves.

Follow Along

Brain off, body on. In this class there are no set dances, just the benefits of dance fitness. Highly athletic dance cardio with sculpt intervals built in – come prepared to sweat.


Perfect for dance cardio newbies.

Level 10

Challenge yourself with a mash-up of “trainer’s choice” dances from the archives.


This class is all dance cardio, no sculpting.


Meant for DanceBody pros!

Full Out

A step up from our Signature class: same dances, fancier footwork.


Recommended for those who have attended Signature class regularly, and are ready for the next level.

Pricing & Packages

  • NYC Classes


    1 Single Class


    – 3 classes for $75.

    – Valid for new clients only.

    – Expires in 30 days


    Expires in 45 days


    Expires in 60 days


    Expires in 90 days


    – Valid 30 days

    – Late Cancel Fee: $15/class

  • NYC Memberships


    Giving you access to all of our NYC studios 


    – Early access to class signups

    – Five $20 Friend Passes every month

    – Dance Bands™ storage 

    – 10% off all merchandise


    – 10 NYC classes every month

    – 15% off additional class purchases

    – Three $20 Friend Passes every month

  • Elite Package


    use within 60 days

    – 2 Private Sessions

    – 12 NYC Classes

    – Measurements + Pictures Optional

  • Miami Studio Workouts


    buy one class,
    second class free


    Expires in 30 days


    Expires in 60 days