Dance Body

DanceBody classes are a blend of high intensity intervals, dance cardio routines, and body sculpting; this combination of movement twists and tones the muscles to resemble a dancers streamlined physique. This mostly-body weight training method allows you to reach your leanest body fat levels while tightening every inch. No prior dance experience is necessary, but a sense of rhythm certainly helps! Most clients find their groove within the first three sessions. Private training is highly recommended to maximize results by learning dance techniques and routines ahead of time. This is a fast paced, high-energy, sexy, sweaty, and creative way to reconnect with your body's best potential.

"Pryce's focus is on melding functional, athletic movements with dance movements and (tiny-weight) toning. She'll also throw lunges in between grapevines - and will challenge you with endless planks and push-ups." - Well+Good NYC