About DanceBody

Based in NYC, the DanceBody workout fuses together dance cardio and sculpt for functional, full-body conditioning that's both fun and effective. Our dancers-turned-instructors move you in new ways to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit through dance fitness.

About Us

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katia pryce

Founder & CEO

I started DanceBody in 2013 because I was searching for a workout that combined challenging cardio with functional strength exercises to enhance the female form. As a professional dancer, my body was lean, but dancing alone wasn't enough to keep my muscles strong. I found that dance, paired with high intensity, functional strength training, is the secret to creating the lean lines of a dancer, athletic strength, improved mental health, & increased vitality. Dance is the fountain of youth, I feel stronger now than when I was dancing professionally! Aside from the physical benefits, dance is a joyful form of movement that unites us all. I'm passionate about sharing that energy with everyone.

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You don’t have to be a dancer to look like one

New to DanceBody?

You don’t need to be a dancer to get results from DanceBody - all are welcome! Start your journey with our Sculpt, Strength & Stability, or Dance & Sculpt classes - no choreography required. Our Signature and Full Out dance cardio classes change set choreography every three months so you can practice, perfect, and perform. DanceBody is for all fitness levels - two left feet be damned. If you’re looking for nice people dancing to good music, this is the place.

DanceBody Class Types

Dance Cardio, Sculpt, And More

  • Sculpt +

    60-min intense Sculpt class, using our newly created 8lb HexWeight, increases your strength and leaves no muscle untouched.

  • Dance & Sculpt

    30-min follow-along dance cardio followed by 30-min full-body sculpting for a heart-pounding workout. A great class to start with if you're new.

  • DanceBody Sculpt Workout

    60-min sweat-inducing, dance-inspired exercises to tone and strengthen your entire body. If you're new, this is a great class to start with.

  • DanceBody Hip Hop Hits Workout
    Hip Hop Hits

    60-min hip hop dance class with the highest vibes to the best music. Dances change every month.

  • DanceBody Signature Dance Cardio Workout

    45-min choreographed dance class followed by 15-min full-body sculpting. Dances change Jan, Apr, Jul, and Oct.

  • DanceBody Strength and Stability Workout
    Strength & Stability

    30-min functional class with slower paced barefoot exercises using our BodyBand to activate and stabilize your entire body. A great class to start with.

  • DanceBody Full Out Dance Cardio Workout
    Full Out

    45-min advanced choreographed dance followed by 15-min full-body sculpting. Please take a Signature class before trying Full Out. Dances change Jan, Apr, Jul, and Oct.

In-Studio Classes

NYC, LA, Miami, & The Hamptons

Our in-studio classes are the ideal way to experience the best dance cardio fitness. Taught by performers, but created for everyone, we believe that your workout should build confidence and bring you joy while also delivering a great sweat. Ultimately, the most important measurement is how you feel - which is why we strive to improve your quality of life through movement. It’s what we do!

Online Classes

LIVE and on demand classes with dancebody live

Stream daily LIVE classes, or workout on your schedule with our robust On Demand library. Feel like you’re in-studio with LIVE 2-way video. Other features include scheduling workouts, syncing fitness trackers, & working out with friends wherever they are. DanceBody LIVE is your ultimate dance workout platform.

First Month $5 With Code DBNEW.

Private Sessions


Tailor-made to your goals, DanceBody Private Sessions can be scheduled in-home, in-studio, or virtually. Each personalized one-hour session is a great way to get the training you need to expedite your fitness goals or to learn the newest dances. Celebrate birthdays, bachelorettes, and company events the healthy way with a DanceBody Private Party. Kids Private Group Sessions also available.