DanceBody Ambassadors love DanceBody! They enjoy prioritizing living a healthy life, not only for their physical health, but for their mental well-being – and because it feels really damn good.

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DanceBody Ambassador Program


Once you’re accepted into the Ambassador Program, here’s what you get:
  • For DanceBody LIVE Ambassadors: When your promo code is used 5 times by new clients who sign up for DanceBody LIVE, you receive $10 to the DB Shop. Shop dollars accrue. Use them towards apparel and merchandise.
  • For DanceBody In-Studio Ambassadors: When your promo code is used 5 times by new clients who sign up for in-studio classes, you get a free 3-pack of classes.
  • Ambassadors will receive invitations to special DanceBody events and programs.
    In return here’s what we’ll ask you to do:
    • Share your DanceBody experience with your community.
    • Post in-action DanceBody content on your social media in the form of in-feed posts and stories tagging @dancebody.
    • Receive a customized discount code to share with your community, family, and friends.

    ambassador program form

    DanceBody Ambassador Program

    No purchase necessary. A purchase or payment of any kind will not increase your chances of acceptance. By completing and submitting an entry for the program, you agree to the official rules, which form a contract. Without limitation, this contract includes indemnity obligations on the part of the participant and a limitation of participant's rights and remedies.

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    DanceBody thrives because of our strong community and it all starts with our founder, Katia Pryce. She founded DanceBody because the fitness experience she wanted didn’t exist - so she created it for everyone. And she’s constantly sharing her DanceBody life on her social channels to build the community from where it started in NYC, to LA, to Miami, to The Hamptons, and every corner of the globe with DanceBody LIVE, our online streaming platform.

    • DanceBody Ambassador Program
    • DanceBody Ambassador Program
    • DanceBody Ambassador Program