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Dance Cardio is More Fun When We Do It Together

Our DanceBody Community

DanceBody is so much more than a workout, it’s a movement. When we move together, we create vital energy for ourselves and for those around us - you can feel it! Dance cardio is the headline, but the real benefit is the community that's drawn together. DanceBody meets you where you’re at, and leaves you feeling better than when you arrived. We love welcoming new faces to our tight knit community.



  • Sculpt +

    60-min intense Sculpt class, using our newly created 8lbHexWeight, increases your strength and leaves no muscle untouched.


    30-min follow-along dance cardio followed by 30-minfull-body sculpting for a heart-pounding workout. A great class to start withif you're new.

  • DanceBody Dance Cardio Workouts Sculpt Class

    60-min sweat-inducing, dance-inspired exercises to tone and strengthen your entire body. If you're new, this is a great class to start with.

  • DanceBody Dance Cardio Workouts Hip Hop Class

    60-min hip hop dance class with the highest vibes to the best music. Dances change every month.

  • DanceBody Dance Cardio Workouts

    45-min choreographed dance class followed by 15-min full-body sculpting. Dances change Jan, Apr, Jul, and Oct.

  • DanceBody Dance Cardio Workouts Strength Class

    30-min functional class with slower paced barefoot exercises using our BodyBand to activate and stabilize your entire body. A great class to start with.

  • DanceBody Dance Cardio Workouts

    45-min advanced choreographed dance followed by 15-min full-body sculpting. Please take a Signature class before trying Full Out. Dances change Jan, Apr, Jul, and Oct.

  • Wear supportive sneakers. DanceBody is a real workout, so come prepared to sweat. We like Hokas and Asics best.

  • Leave your ego at the door. No one is looking at or judging you - they’re just trying to follow along themselves. Get loose, stay loose, and have fun.

  • Learn the feet first, then add in the arms. There’s a learning curve with dance cardio. It takes about 5 classes to feel comfortable.

Your First Dance Cardio Class

Dance Like No One’s Watching

I’m not a dancer, can I take these dance cardio classes?

Yes! Our dance cardio classes are designed for you to enjoy a dance workout with no prior dance experience. Most DanceBody Babes start as self-proclaimed “non-dancers,” proving you don’t have to be a dancer to look like one.

Where do I start?

We recommend starting with a class with less dance cardio choreography; such as Sculpt, Strength & Stability, or Dance & Sculpt. You can find these classes in-studio & on DanceBody LIVE.

How do I learn Signature and Full Out class dances?

New dances launch at the start of every quarter: January, April, July, and October. Learn them with our breakdown videos that teach you each dance, step-by-step, free for subscribers on DanceBody LIVE. We also host “Breakdown” classes in-studio and online the first week of each quarter. You can also book an in-person or virtual Private Session so you can nail the moves from the very beginning.

Why Customers Love DanceBody

The best dance fitness workout really does exist (and it’s waiting for you)! Just take it from these clients and listen to their Dancebody reviews about our dance cardio and sculpt workouts.

  • "DanceBody is not just another trendy workout. It is a community of strong humans who strive to make me the best version of myself."

    - Jenna

    New York City

  • "I've never had a workout routine that's as effective and successful as DanceBody. At 47 I feel more confident in my body than ever. I also feel like I'm in better shape and that my posture is improving daily."

    - Rose

    New York City

  • "I’ve streamed from all the place (living room, hotels, India and Greece!). I’m so grateful for everything DanceBody LIVE provides. It has not only improved my physical health, but my overall well being too."

    - Kimmy