How DanceBody is Different From Other Dance Fitness Workouts

How DanceBody is Different From Other Dance Fitness Workouts

There's certainly no shortage of dance fitness workouts out there today - so you may be wondering how DanceBody is different? While DanceBody classes may look like a pure dance party from the outside, the foundation is carefully crafted in order to deliver real results for your body, and your mind. DanceBody is different in 5 main ways: programming, equipment, movement, instructors, and the mind/body connection.

It's a Real Program

This is not your average Zumba class. Hidden underneath great music and fun dance moves, DanceBody dance cardio classes are created as high intensity interval training, conditioning your cardiovascular system in a functional way. You'll notice in class that some songs are faster than others - this is not an accident! The dance cardio classes are structured with your heart rate levels in mind. We take the thinking out of “how” to have an effective aerobic workout and replace that with a fun set of dances that rival even the most intense HIIT classes.

Additionally, DanceBody Trainers don’t just teach random dances - we collectively teach the dance cardio classes on a 3-month cycle. Forget boring dances that stay the same forever, or that you can never seem to learn. Our set dances change every quarter so that you can truly practice, perfect, and perform the movement to keep your body (and mind!) evolving.

Equipped and Ready

At DanceBody, we don't do boring… and that includes our workout equipment. We designed and chose custom equipment to ensure you get the most out of your DanceBody workouts, at home or in the studio.

  • The HexMat is our own patented design - created specifically for DanceBody Sculpt workouts. You'll notice each corner is numbered so that you can hit your mark while lifting your leg to ensure the right muscles are being activated - no more second guessing on form and positioning during classes!
  • The shape of the 2-3lb D-Weights we use prevent you from tightly gripping, which can result in unwanted energy and tension in the shoulders. The D-weight design encourages you to reach through your fingers, almost resting the weight on your hand. Mimicking the classical port de bras arm exercises used in ballet classes, the D-Weight allows you to elongate the muscles in your arms.
  • Finally, our weighted Dance Bands are less than 1lb bangles meant to be worn throughout your entire workout - dance cardio or sculpt. This sleek wearable weight ensures you are moving with resistance and intention - as all dancers do.

Multi-dimensional Workout

The most effective workouts move your body in all three planes of motion: sagittal (front + back), frontal (side to side), and transverse (rotational). Workouts such as running, cycling, and weight lifting, stay in a one dimension plane of motion. By improving your three-dimensional movement, you can reduce your risk for injury and increase your day-to-day functional movement.
Both our dance cardio and sculpt workouts hit the three planes of motion constantly to enhance your mobility, range of motion, and activation of all the muscle groups. Sprinkle our cardio elements (hello, pop ups!) over that foundational layer, and the results are a sweaty, full body workout, disguised as a good time.

Dancers as Instructors

Our dancer-turned-instructors bring a heat you won’t find anywhere else. These natural born instructors deliver five-star performances with every class they teach. Our #DBtrainers execute each exercise with you, so you can see the correct form, plus aspire to match their movements. Conditioned to warrior-like levels, yet warm, friendly, and approachable, our phenomenal trainers prove you can do the most difficult things in a most graceful way. Every move is delivered with tough love, because our #DBTrainers know what you’re capable of. A true community is one in which all members have a similar experience, and the connection between our trainers and clients during class is a pure example of that.

Beyond the Body

Dance is an acquired skill, similar to learning a new language or musical instrument - neural pathways in the brain are being created when you’re learning something for the first time. DanceBody lights up your brain by challenging you to remember steps and movements in a sequential order. Additionally, by using your muscles and brain simultaneously, you begin to employ “muscle memory.” This forces your brain to make fast decisions for quick ques and movements like "turn right" or "quick, quick, slow." Building neuroplasticity is essential to keep our brain changing and evolving as we age. The benefits of having a workout you enjoy, that also sneakily makes you smarter is what we call a “two-for-one” win!