Get the Most Out of Your @Home Workout

Get the Most Out of Your @Home Workout

We know that working out from home can sometimes feel less than motivating. It’s tough to replace the energy of a real group fitness class on your own. That’s why we gathered together some of the best tips + tricks from our #StreamTeam about how to make DanceBody LIVE at home workouts feel as good as possible! Push “play” on these 4 easy steps and you’ll be sweating and smiling in no time.

Build Your Home Studio

…well, at least a version of it! Designating an actual workout space in your home will increase your odds of squeezing in a quick sweat whenever you can. This space can be a precious few extra inches in your apartment, basement, garage, even a kids playroom! We’ve seen our streamers use it all - even outdoor spaces when the weather is nice. Additionally, having your equipment accessible, organized, and ready to go will make it easier to slip in a 15 minute upper body exercise.

Complete your home studio with our DanceBody equipment: HexMat, 2-3lb D-Weights, resistance band, Dance Bands, and Sculpt Bands. The one piece of equipment you may not think about is a mirror - yes, a full length mirror! This can be an addition to your decorating, or a cheap and easy buy. Having a mirror is key to watching your alignment, nailing the moves, and continuing to improve during your DanceBody sweat sessions. Become your own #DBtrainer and hold yourself accountable to quality movement!

As you know, music is key in our classes. Get the best beats for your class by hooking up a quality speaker with Bluetooth to your device. If you can't blast your music out loud, then simply connect your wireless headphones. This will make the music, and the trainer’s cues, sound more clear.

Schedule Ahead

Your workouts should be a priority - just like any other important meeting that you can’t miss. Show up for yourself by scheduling your weekly workouts -- write it in your calendar, planner, or set a reminder on your phone. Make a ritual out of planning your workouts every Sunday night, look at your calendar, set goals for the week, and plan your “self-care” meetings accordingly.

On DanceBody LIVE, we share the LIVE classes for your week ahead, we also have curated On Demand workouts. You can plan ahead by selecting the workouts you want to do the upcoming week. Treat these classes as if you’re showing up in person - no late cancels allowed!

A Real Community

What makes DanceBody truly unique is our phenomenal community of DanceBodyBabes - our streamers are affectionately known as our “Stream Team.” Connecting with a like-minded group of people will help you remember why you started, push you to keep moving, and pick you up on those days you think you can’t. Staying accountable and supporting others is key to success. This truly is a group of nice people dancing to good music - you’re not alone out there! We are stronger together.

Ways to connect with the DB community:

  1. Facebook Group: Join the DanceBody Babes group, dedicated to our #StreamTeam clients from over the world! Ask questions, get advice from DanceBody trainers, and connect with others doing DanceBody daily to share your journey in an honest way.
  2. Social Media: Don't forget to post your workout and tag DanceBody on Instagram. We do not outsource our social media, it is completely done in house, so when you have a question, you’re connecting with real trainers inside of DanceBody. All of our #DBTrainers also have their own Instagram handles - follow them all!

Dress for Success (Yes, Even at Home)

While it might sound tempting to roll out of bed and workout in your PJs, wearing a sleek outfit is proven to make you work harder. Trust, you’ll feel a difference. Dress for the job you want! See below for some of our #DBtrainers favorite brands:

  • Carbon 38 
  • Adam Selman Sport
  • Splits 59
  • Year of Ours
  • Noli Yoga