Working hard for you

The DanceBody Team

Female-founded, female-run, with a growing team behind the scenes.

We Keep Moving, Together

Meet the company behind the company. Our tight knit team of administrative staff and DanceBody Trainers are dedicated to getting it done, and done well.

Headquartered in NYC, our work ethic is driven by the desire to make your experience memorable and heartfelt. We’re devoted to creating the best dance fitness content, bringing people together, and creating a space where everyone can thrive.

  • Katia Pryce

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Courtnay Mariani

    Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

  • Cynthia Irons

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Alex Knowles

    Sr. Director, Business Development

  • Mindi Kirsch

    Creative Director & DB Trainer

  • Natalie Vatalaro

    Director of Training & DB Trainer

  • Sasha Bartnett

    Private Client Coordinator

  • Kellie Liberto

    Marketing Manager & DB Trainer

  • Emily Sindoni

    Program & Training Manager & DB Trainer

  • Tara Marshall

    Studio Manager

  • Taylor Hannon

    Digital and Production Coordinator

  • Mindi Kirsch
  • Natalie Vatalaro
  • Emily Sindoni
  • Kellie Liberto
  • Brooke Ivory
  • Marisa Nelson
  • Gracie Epperson
  • Dani Gorayeb
  • Catherine Zervas
  • Mackenzie Testa
  • Stacy Beltran
  • Vanessa Kolias
  • Ris Finazzo
  • Katie Call
  • Alle-Faye Monka
  • Veronica Sack
  • Katharine Larson
  • Maeve Ellington
  • Emma Atkins