frequently asked questions


I'm not a dancer, can I take these classes?

Yes, we love newbies! Our classes are designed for you to experience a dance cardio workout with no prior dance experience. Most of our clients are actually self-proclaimed “non-dancers,” proving you don’t have to be a dancer to look like one.

If I’m new, which classes should I start with?

If you’re brand new to dance fitness, we suggest you start with a Sculpt, Strength + Stability, or Dance + Sculpt class. These classes will give you a sense of our rhythms and movements without needing to know anything prior. If you’re new to working out or are just returning to your fitness routine, please start with our Strength + Stability classes to start strong.

What type of shoes do you recommend?

We suggest a supportive, well-fitting sneaker for all classes. Our workout is highly athletic and most classes include jumping, so definitely pick a shoe with great structure and shock absorption. We like Hokas and Asics best.

Are you hiring?

Always! You can find any open positions at DanceBody on our careers page.


What’s DanceBody LIVE?

DanceBody LIVE is our online platform offering live and on demand classes that you can stream right from your phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV.

Do I need equipment to workout at home?

You can do most of our DanceBody classes without equipment. However, for all Sculpt classes you will need the essentials: a Resistance Band, 2lb D-Weights, and a HexMat®. Dance Bands, and Sculpt Bands are also great to have as extra credit. Head to the DanceBody Shop.


Where can I workout with DanceBody?

We have two studios with full class schedules in NYC (TriBeCa + NoMad). We have year round satellite classes offered in Los Angeles and Miami. Every summer, from Memorial Day to Labor Day you will find our DanceBody pop up classes in The Hamptons. Private Sessions are available in-home, in-studio, and virtually. Join us on DanceBody LIVE and get your first 14 days free.

Where can I find class pricing?

Go to our In-Studio page to view all our single-class, class packages, and membership pricing by location.

Which classes include dance choreography?

Both Signature and Full Out classes include our dances that are choreographed. These dances change every quarter: January, April, July, and October. We suggest if you are new trying to make sure to catch these classes at the beginning of a quarter.

What’s the difference between Signature and Full Out classes?

On a fitness level, these classes are very similar. Both include 45 minutes of high and low impact dance cardio. Our Signature class includes our set quarterly dances, so coming in with a little coordination helps; however, we have newbies attend this class every day! Our Full Out class is a step up from Signature. You’ll recognize the Signature movements and music, but the choreography includes more advanced dance-inspired movements. Generally, we suggest taking Signature classes before diving into Full Out.

How can I learn new dances when they launch?

Since our dances change every three months, we offer several ways to get into the groove. If you are a DanceBody LIVE subscriber, you will find all our step-by-step Breakdowns to learn the moves in the Dance Cardio section, this is included in your membership. Breakdown classes are available to book in-studio or online during the first week of each quarter. To get real time, personalized instruction, a Private Session, in-person or virtually, with a #DBTrainer.

What are “DanceBody @” classes that I see on your schedule?

These classes are held in pop-up locations and are a blend of 45 minutes of dance cardio with intervals of standing sculpt throughout a 60-minute class.


Do you offer Private Sessions?

We offer in-studio, in-home, and outdoor Private and Semi-Private Sessions. All sessions with a #DBTrainer are personalized to your wants and needs. Private Parties (groups of 5 or more) are great for special occasions and corporate groups. Pre + post-natal sessions are available. Email scheduling@dancebody.com to book.

Can I book a Virtual Private Session?

You can book a Private or Semi-Private Virtual Session here.


What is the cancellation policy?

You must cancel your in-person class at least 12 hours before class start time to avoid being charged/losing the credit. You must cancel your Private or Semi-Private Session 24 hours before class start time to avoid being charged.

Do you have a late-arrival policy?

It’s always best to arrive at least 5 minutes before your reservation; if you arrive later than 15 minutes to class, we will always do our best to get you in!