What to Expect from Your First DanceBody Class

What to Expect from Your First DanceBody Class

Whether it’s a Signature, Sculpt, or Hip Hop Hits class, when you enter a DanceBody studio for the very first time you'll be greeted by a brightly lit interior, friendly faces, and the best tunes on the planet. DanceBody Workouts are founded on the principle that movement should bring you joy. The most important measurement is how you feel. Here are a few things you can expect from your first DanceBody class:

Do I Have to be a Dancer?

  • Two left feet be damned, no dance experience is necessary.
  • Our classes are designed for you to experience a dance-inspired workout with the foundation of functional fitness - so expect to see planks, burpees, lunges, squats and more set to the best music out there.
  • Our movements are performed to the rhythm of the music, once you’ve seen a few classes the groove will start to come naturally.
  • Everyone starts somewhere, so you have full permission to modify movements in order to succeed in class - just let your Trainer know ahead of time as they may be able to help with modifications.
  • Our Trainers are all former dancers and performers, meaning they will be doing the entire workout with you at level 1000% -- this may inspire you to push harder.

Are Classes Difficult?

  • Our Dance Cardio classes will push you to fire every muscle you have - whether you knew you had them or not!
  • Give yourself about five classes to master the moves.
  • Our Sculpt classes employ the use of light weights and high repetitions. Using 2-3lb weights, wrist weights, ankle weights, and resistance bands, you will feel every inch tighten and tone.
  • Our specially designed and numbered HexMat®️, in the shape of a hexagon, allows the trainer to cue exactly how your body should be positioned during class. No more guessing the right move.

What Should I Wear?

  • Prepare to SWEAT! Wear your fav brands to walk out wet :)
  • Activewear you feel comfortable moving and sweating in… this looks different for everyone, and we welcome your style!
  • We wear supportive sneakers, our favorites are Asics and Hokas
  • We have towels for you and all the equipment you will need
  • Water fountains are available to refill your water bottle.

What Are the Other Clients Like?

  • DanceBody is a safe space to move your body in ways you didn’t think you could, and we take this rule seriously!
  • Our returning clients remember what it was like to come in as a newbie -- they are here to help you out.
  • We believe in dancing in a C.I.R.C.L.E
  • Basically… our clients are THE BEST!

What Class Should I Try First?

  • If you’re looking for more strength and toning: Sculpt or Dance + Sculpt
  • If you’re ready for dance choreography: Signature or Dance + Sculpt
  • If you’re ready to sweat more and dance less: Sculpt
  • If you’re looking for a dance challenge: Full Out
  • If you don’t live near a DanceBody Studio: Our streaming platform, DanceBody LIVE. You can dance, and no one is watching!

    What Results can I Expect?

    • If you are taking classes consistently you can expect your body to feel tighter, leaner, and more symmetrical, with an increased sense of coordination and balance.
    • You can expect your mind to feel happier, less stressed, and more clear.
    • The DanceBody workout creates long lean lines as we both contract and lengthen your muscles through tried and tested exercises.

    What’s the difference between the Full Out and Signature classes?

    • Both classes consist of 45 minutes of Dance Cardio followed by 15 minutes of sculpting.
    • The dance choreography for classes runs on a 3 month cycle. For example, our next set of dances will launch October 1st, and will stay the same until January 1st.
    • Full Out is a step up from Signature, offering fancier footwork and more intricate choreography for the advanced DanceBody or seasoned dancer.

     early to meet your Trainer and our studio staff. 

    Still have questions? We want to hear from you: email us at info@dancebody.com or shoot us a DM on @dancebody.

    We look forward to having you in class!

    The DanceBody Team