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It’s like you’re right there with us in our NYC studio when you stream a DanceBody LIVE class. With 2-way video you feel the energy of a true community while you work up a sweat.

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Choose from hundreds of dance cardio and full-body sculpting workouts. Or try our specialty content for pre/postnatal and a 30-day BrideBody program. DanceBody LIVE isn’t just about a great workout. Experience wellness content and take part in annual challenges as we stay accountable together.

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The DanceBody LIVE Community

DanceBody LIVE members have exclusive access to our DanceBody Babes Facebook community. Many have found lifelong friends & partners to workout with. It’s an inclusive community of positive support and understanding.

  • DanceBody LIVE At Home Workouts
  • DanceBody LIVE At Home Workouts
  • DanceBody LIVE At Home Workouts
  • DanceBody LIVE At Home Workouts
  • “DanceBody isn’t just another trendy workout. It’s a community of strong humans who strive to make me the best version of myself.”

  • “DanceBody isn't just about the body. It's about your mental health and how great you feel during and after.”

  • “No matter what's going on in my life, DanceBody always guarantees me at least one hour of that uninterrupted joy.”