30 Days Is All You Need: The Science Behind the DanceBody Programs

30 Days Is All You Need: The Science Behind the DanceBody Programs

Trends come and go, but take the time to build a real habit, day after day, and you'll see your life (and body) transform. It's no secret that there are a ton of fitness programs and 30-day transformation workout plans out there all promising to be THE answer to all of your fitness goals and dreams. I’m going to give you a behind the scenes look at how and why I designed my immersive and effective 30-Day workout programs.

After years of working with clients to produce real results, my co-founder Courtnay and I developed our first set of curated 30-Day Programs, each with a specific focus: DanceBody, SculptBody, UpperBody, and LowerBody. The program length is no accident - 30 days is truly a magic number when it comes to taking the time to see and feel real change. Yes, you can reset your body in less time (like with The 2-Week DanceBody Reset!) but nothing can replace committing to a full month with a structured program.

Why is 30 days the perfect length of time to do a workout program?

Sure, you can pick up a few new moves or enjoy a new workout class with varying degrees of success in less time. But ultimately, there are no shortcuts to long term results. The body and mind need time to learn, adapt, and absorb new ways of moving and building muscle. It’s a physical and mental challenge to learn a new skill, and to master it, you have to commit to consistency.

Sometimes staying consistent is easier said than done, which is why each DanceBody Program is structured into a schedule of workouts for optimum results. This takes the guesswork out of trying to decide which class or workout to take on which day and in what order. Simply open DanceBody LIVE on your device and press play for your perfect daily workout.

What should I expect?

Each Program consists of a 30 day calendar structured into 6 workout days per week and one rest or stretch day. The Programs are designed to make you feel energized - not depleted. Even though you are working out more days than not, this kind of training is actually gentle and effective. I believe in low resistance, high repetitions which doesn’t rip your muscle fibers; therefore, you won’t need days off in between workouts to repair your body.

The key to getting the results you want is showing up day after day - even when you’re not feeling it! Remember, one percent of something is one hundred percent better than nothing. Immerse yourself in what DanceBody has to offer for the next 30 days, I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Which program is right for me?

Goals are incredibly personal, which is why it was important for me to create four separate approaches to our 30-Day Programs. Take our quiz to find out which 30 Day Program is best for you.

Our DanceBody 30-Day Program combines my highly effective cardio and sculpt workouts for a deep dive of everything DanceBody has to offer. Each day is carefully designed to ensure you receive a balanced workout that promises real results. Expect to see a weekly schedule of 5 days combining cardio with sculpt, 1 day committed to a heart-pumping full body sculpt, and a day off to stretch and reset.

Our SculptBody 30-Day Program focuses exclusively on toning exercises to refine your shape, while still getting a great lower impact sweat. Using unique movements only dancers can deliver, feel how to activate every muscle in your body - including the ones you didn’t even know existed! Consisting of tried and true exercises that our clients have sworn by for years, you will be amazed at the sweat level this lower-impact program promises. Expect to see 6 days a week of full body sculpt workouts, and a day off to stretch and reset.

Our UpperBody 30-Day Program features a blend of heart-pumping cardio and sculpt workouts with an intense focus on your arms, abs, and back. Each day is curated to ensure full body conditioning with an added focus on the upper body. Expect to see 4 days a week which combine dance cardio with sculpt, 2 days committed to full body sculpt, and a day off to stretch and reset.

Our LowerBody 30-Day Program provides a powerful mix of cardio and sculpt workouts with attention to reshaping the hips, butt, and inner/outer thighs. Each day is carefully crafted to deliver full body conditioning while concentrating on the lower body. Expect to see 4 days a week combining cardio with sculpt, 2 days committed to full body sculpt, and a day off to stretch and reset.

What are people saying about the 30-Day Programs?

“I was hesitant to sign up for a 30-Day Program - could it really make a difference for me? I was surprised to not only feel the results but to see them too. I loved the consistency of the program - both that it kept me moving six days a week and the level of each workout (there were no easy days). After 30 days of The LowerBody Program, I feel more fit and much stronger.” - Mandy

“I lost 4.6 lbs in just 4 weeks (and kept it off) and a total of 10.8 lbs since recently completing the DanceBody 30-Day Program. My calorie burn was much higher and the definition in my body became much more noticeable. It’s been a total game changer finding an at-home workout that I actually enjoy and will push me harder than I push myself. Six years ago you couldn’t pay me to do burpees, then I found DanceBody.” - Erin

“I just completed the DanceBody 30-Day Program and I've noticed changes in my body and in my mood too! Is there a better way to wind down after a rough day than dancing with Katia and Courtnay? I don't think so! It was hard, but feasible, even for a beginner, and it was such a fun way to exercise. ” - Jo-Annie