5 Intentions Founder Katia Pryce is Setting This Fall

5 Intentions Founder Katia Pryce is Setting This Fall

You can always feel the shift of seasons in your bones, like a primal mammalian sense we retained from our ancestors. Letting go of the seemingly endless summer days to roll into shorter daylight hours is always bittersweet - but necessary.

I always seem to experience “end of summer burnout” in those last fleeting weeks of pounding sun in the northeast, but try to capture some of that light to bring into the Fall with me.

Here’s how I’m starting September this year:

I’m Setting Intentions

I have a ritual of setting intentions before a season begins to put myself in the right frame of mind to understand, prioritize, and focus on my goals. I do this by listing out the things I want to (or NEED to) see happen in the next three months. I then hang this paper up in front of my workstation so that I keep my goals fresh in mind, and think about them daily.

I’m Keeping My Mind Right

I had the pleasure of meeting Gabby Bernstein this summer - what a phenomenal woman! I’m not sure what I expected from a “Celebrity Guru," but it wasn’t what I got. Gabby is so humble, down to earth, with her own life struggles that she shares so openly. I’m on page 10 of her new book, The Universe Has Your Back, and I already love it, and know I need it. This is what I’ll be reading…


I’m Giving Back

Nothing feels as good to me as using my gifts to give back. I personally try to do this every month, in big ways and small, and this month - it’s BIG. I’m teaming up with Danielle Berstein, of We Wore What, to host an evening of dancing to support her philanthropic organization on September 13th. 100% of the funds raised from these two in-person DanceBody classes, hosted by Danielle and I, will go to the Global Empowerment Mission, a nonprofit that empowers people by providing emergency aid and tools due to global disasters. 

I’m Rebuilding Strong

During all the traveling, events, and merry making over the summer, I’ve let my own wellness routine slip big time. I haven’t been doing my physical therapy homework, taken a vitamin in god knows how long, and certainly have not kept my typically strict workout routine.

Here’s how I’m planning my comeback: I’m scheduling the appointments I know I NEED for my body way ahead of time, instead of the week of. I’ll be heading back to SPEAR Physical Therapy in NYC, and truly value their approach and help! I’m restocking my WTHN herbal supplements that I know work for my energy levels (Fully Charged and Clean Slate are my staples!), and I’m checking out our NEW DanceBody LIVE category called “Daily Dose.” Daily Dose is starting with 30-Day calendars so that your workouts are already planned for you by the DanceBody training team - plus more to come this month to keep you on track with your movement!

I’m Switching Up my Style

Ok, it’s still pretty warm out in September, but with NYC Fashion Week around the corner I can’t wait to see what’s trending this season. I found my new Fall go-to jacket at a boutique in Michigan - this lightweight Camo Bomber Jacket by Marrakech. Sleek and functional? I’ll take it.

In all honesty, Fall is my favorite season: I love the changing leaves, the shifts in the air, and the opportunity to move forward into this amazing life.