DanceBody BodyBands: A New Way to Move

DanceBody BodyBands: A New Way to Move

Dance fitness is just like any other sport -- the muscles, tendons, and ligaments work together to perform at athletic levels. Except, unlike sports, dance is an opportunity to connect with your body’s full range of motion in a heart-thumping, fun, and interactive way. Our goal isn’t necessarily to “score points” but to #KeepMoving (and keep feeling great!) throughout our fitness journey.

I talk a lot about biomechanics in my classes and how our mechanical movements during class affect the body. As we get older, it's likely we'll need to start incorporating more functional movements into our workouts in order to adjust to our bodies as they change, a “dance rehab” of sorts. How you move at 25 isn’t all that different than how you can move at 35, 45, or 65. Your body is still capable of the same range of motion (that’s where muscle memory kicks in), it just needs a little assistance. That’s where our newest piece of equipment, the BodyBand, takes center stage, designed specifically for our new Strength + Stability class.

Like most things at DanceBody, the BodyBand was created when we asked ourselves: “what would make our workout better?” While our resistance band allows you to adjust the resistance by wrapping it around your hands, the BodyBand is numbered one through six so that you always know exactly where to place your hands and feet to ensure proper form and alignment—just like our HexMat. This straightforward instruction leaves no room for error. So, whether you’re taking class in the studio or streaming on DanceBody LIVE, you’ll always know just where to go. 

The BodyBand promotes motion, force, momentum, levers, and balance in a single piece of equipment. It keeps your body in proper alignment as you move. We’ve also included double-layered loops at the ends of the BodyBody that allow you to adjust your dance workout. The inner loop provides the most resistance while the outer loop allows for a little more give. It ensures anyone with a shoulder or elbow injury can regain strength, without compromising their workout. As we always say during class, you have “permission to modify.” Go at your own speed to keep moving with us.

The best part about the BodyBand is that she’s super sleek, soft, and so easy to travel with. (And yes, of course, it’s a “she”) With every pull, you’ll feel enough resistance to activate your muscles, just without creating aches in your hands and arms. Thanks to the numbers, loops, and chic design, the BodyBand keeps your body in a sturdy position, allowing you to elongate and stretch simultaneously. In our Strength + Stability classes this piece of equipment ensures stabilization of your shoulders, core, hips, knees, and ankles.

My favorite motion, the ‘around the world attitude’, is a prime example of how you can feel like a dancer while moving like an athlete. 

If you haven’t tried a Strength + Stability class yet, you can check it out On Demand anytime to get a sense for it. For some of our clients, it’s their dance fitness rehab. For others, it’s an opportunity to come back to their fitness routine strong and refocus on their quality of movement. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, the BodyBand can help you along the way.

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Now ready. Set. Sweat.