It’s Time to Get May’d

It’s Time to Get May’d

It’s time for a new dance cardio workout program, a “spring awakening,” if you will. Every year at this time, when the days get longer, and the air becomes warmer, we Get May’d. 

Come spring, most people could use a little kickstart to rev up their fitness routine again after a long, sluggish winter. Get May’d is our annual, company-wide initiative that celebrates recommitting to a healthy routine. Since we started the program in 2016, Get May’d is a staple at all  DanceBody studio locations, and now on DanceBody LIVE too! This is a prime opportunity to get fit, feel strong, and find the power within to reconnect with ourselves for the entire month of May.


Get May’d is a Mindset

This event is really more about getting your mind back in the game. Each year Get May’d looks slightly different, because we need different things at different times in our lives, but one thing remains the same: we start the month of May together, and end strong right before setting off into summer. This event includes all our DanceBody Babes nationally, and internationally, in our dance cardio workout program.

This year, you can join in studio, online, or both! New to 2022, we are offering a “hybrid” package that gives you all the perks of online plus five in person classes for the month that can be used at any location. All three options include unlimited classes, a personalized monthly plan, weekly master classes, one-on-one trainer attention, and our newest piece of DanceBody merch that hasn’t even launched yet. 

Beyond the physical perks, our personalized approach to this event allows you to set realistic, but ambitious, goals so you can chart your progress each week. Get a jumpstart on your plan by taking our FREE quiz to see which classes you should start with at DanceBody. Once you have a personalized monthly plan from your trainer, you will feel that deep sense of accountability to the plan you signed up for. Plus you’re surrounded by a community of women who are in the same boat, cheering each other on.

Here’s a breakdown of the Get May’d options:

Get May’d: In Studio 

  • Unlimited classes at our NoMad, TriBeCa, and UES locations
  • NEW FOR 2022: A 20 minute consultation with a founder (Katia or Courtnay) 
  • A personalized workout plan for the month of May
  • Weekly master classes, not available on our normal schedule
  • Our newest piece of DB merch
  • Free access to DanceBody LIVE

Get May’d: Online

  • Unlimited access to DanceBody LIVE 
  • NEW FOR 2022: Two 45-minute Virtual Private Sessions with a #DBtrainer
  • Weekly ZOOM Master Classes (will be recorded if you miss them)
  • Our newest piece of DB merch

NEW Get May’d: Hybrid

  • All the Online Get May’d perks
  • PLUS five in studio classes at any DanceBody location: NYC (NoMad, TriBeCa, UES), Miami, and LA 

A Little Spring Cleaning…

Studies show that to really get the most out of a new fitness routine, and see quicker results, proper sleep and a healthy diet factor in just as much as the workout itself. Fortunately, when you eat healthy and workout regularly your sleep cycle will naturally sync up. 

Between work, working out, social commitments, kids, friends, family, possibly wedding planning (see BrideBody haha), etc. the mere thought of feeding yourself can feel exhausting. That’s why all of our Get May’d dance cardio workout programs have the option to add on our official food component: Daily Dose– functional, ready-to-eat meals designed by experts and prepared by chefs. Plus, they passed the “these are actually really good” test by our Founders - hard to do!

You’ll get five weeks of five daily meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) o help optimize your results, making eating really well way easier in your day. None of the stress, all of the benefits. At DanceBody, we view food as fuel - how do you want your body to run? 

Use code GETMAYD for Daily Dose meals 

Breaking down the benefits

Most of us may still be in a “fitness funk” post-pandemic. As a result, we need to create a new normal with our fitness routine in order to achieve a balanced life. The Get May’d dance cardio workout program takes out the guesswork of trying to form a new workout routine right before summer. 

Since you don’t have to worry about what to do, or when to show up (since you will get your personalized schedule) you’ll truly see results in just one month. And these results will help you form a new routine to #KeepMoving all summer long. Plus, your customized plan will act as a source of motivation. You are accountable to your plan - and only you can make it work! Staying on top of your workout program guarantees a daily boost of “happy” chemicals (endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin). In addition, access to weekly Master Classes, which aren’t available on our normal schedule, will be a sure fire way to shake up your typical workout schedule.

The best part about our Get May’d dance cardio workout program is that no one is left behind. We are a studio that truly cares about everyone in our community, virtually and in person. The experiences are very similar (try the Hybrid for yourself and see), with tons of that sweaty, DanceBody energy you love. 

Your most frequently asked questions, answered

  1. What days/times will the master zoom classes take place?

ZOOM Master Classes will be weekly on Saturdays at 10:45AM ET. If you can’t attend the class live, a recording will be sent afterward.

  1. Are the five in studio classes for the Hybrid option limited to days and times? Or can I pop into a studio anytime? 

There are no restrictions. You can come to any class in any of our locations in NYC, Miami, and LA. This also includes Founder and Master classes!

  1. How do I sign up for the Virtual Private Session and select the instructor or class type for the private? 

You will sign up for privates using Calendly. When signing up, please leave us a note on which instructor you prefer (if you have a preference) and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

  1. Do I get assigned trainers for one-on-one consultations? 

For in-studio participants, your one-on-one consultation will be with a Founder. The founders will be available on certain days and times before May 1st, either in-studio or over Zoom. For online participants, you can use your 45 minute Virtual Private Session as a consultation with your preferred trainer.

  1. When will I receive info for the program and how?  

Communication leading up to the start will all be through email. Make sure that is saved to your email so that our emails don't go to spam.

  1. Do unlimited classes include Founder Classes?

It sure does! 

  1. If I have an annual DanceBody LIVE subscription, would the “free” month not apply to me.

It still would. We would simply pause your membership for the month of May. 

May is the official countdown to summer, a month where we all want to feel our best before celebrating Memorial Day Weekend. What better time to return to a fitness routine and recommit to goals that were hibernating all winter long? 

Now ready. Set. Sweat