Learn to Dance With This Easy Follow Along Dance Cardio Workout

Learn to Dance With This Easy Follow Along Dance Cardio Workout

Want to try dance cardio but don't know where to start? This workout is great to try if you want to learn to dance and get the hang of the basic moves in DanceBody classes. Whether you’re new to dance cardio or a total pro, you will enjoy this sweaty 30-minute workout - just #KeepMoving with us!


Your body is the only required piece of equipment for this workout, but for extra credit strap on our Dance Bands. These weighted bangles can be worn at all times during your workout to create extra resistance in your upper body. Dancers naturally move with this resistance in their movement, and our Dance Bands force that to happen for you!

Warm it up, Buttercup

When you press play on the workout, pay close attention to our #DBTrainer's cues. How you warm up and set your body up for class is key to success for the entire class.

First and foremost, from the start pull your belly button in toward your spine to engage your core and maintain that through the entire workout.

Next, do a few shoulder shrugs up and down, and roll them front and back to relax any tension from your upper body.

Keep your arms long, lifted, and electric - what does that mean? Imagine there are little bolts of lightning exiting your fingertips as you move. This will ensure shape the muscles differently and elongate them - especially if you are wearing Dance Bands.

Finally, stay light on your feet! When you jump up and down, your feet shouldn’t land with any sound. Roll through your entire foot (toe, ball, heel) as you jump and keep those knees soft.

What is Follow-Along Dance Cardio?

Follow-along dance cardio simply means that the moves you see are easy to watch, learn, and execute. Even if you feel a bit unsure during your first class, don't worry! Dance cardio is an acquired skill and it takes time to get used to all of the movements, especially if you've never done them before. Don’t worry too much about being perfectly “coordinated,” your movement will improve the more you attempt.

If you are looking to try a follow along style DanceBody class online, find our 30 minute Dance Express class on our LIVE schedule. This class is perfect if you’re looking for a quick, sweaty, easy to follow cardio workout. If you can’t make it LIVE, try our On Demand Dance Cardio: Beginner collection.

What Now?

Finished the Follow Along Dance Cardio class above and wondering what to do next?

If the follow along class was too challenging:

We love beginners, and have several options on our platform, DanceBody LIVE. Our On Demand section has an entire playlist of videos called "New to DanceBody" that can get you started. In this category, you will find easy to follow dance cardio and sculpt workouts that will introduce you to our style while giving you a great sweat!

If the class wasn't challenging enough:

Check out our Signature classes. Signature is the class that started it all and showcases our set dances. Give yourself at least 5 classes to get the hang of the moves. Every three months our choreography changes, giving you the ability to truly practice, perfect, and perform. New dances launch every January, April, July, and October.

If you want more low impact:

When you want to focus on creating long lean muscle tone without the impact, our Sculpt classes are the answer.

Sculpt is a 60-minute fast-paced, “feel the burn” class. You'll tone your entire body while keeping your heart rate elevated.