The Best DanceBody Classes for Non-Dancers

The Best DanceBody Classes for Non-Dancers

At DanceBody we've created a space where you can show up as you are – no dance experience necessary. So if you're looking for the best beginner dance classes, you've come to the right place. DanceBody offers a range of classes for all levels; from Sculpt, which introduces you to our rhythms without actually having to dance (perfect for beginners!), to Full Out, which is a choreographed dance class for the most advanced DanceBodies. Your workout should bring you confidence, joy, and make you feel good no matter your experience level. EveryBody is a DanceBody.


Whether you consider yourself a total beginner, dance-curious, or you're just looking for a killer workout set to an awesome playlist - there's a DanceBody class for you! Keep reading to discover which DanceBody dance classes, beginner classes, and even non-dance classes are right for you.

The Best DanceBody Class for the Dance-Curious Beginners: Dance Express
5_2 PPV

Dance Express is a quick 30 minute burst of dance cardio. Dance Express is great for all levels since there are no set steps for the class making it a great introduction to our style. This class is perfect if you're looking for a sweaty, follow along style dance cardio. Follow along style dance means you can expect the moves to be easy to follow and repeated often, so you won't feel lost -- even if you have two left feet! Set to the BEST playlist, this class is led by a DanceBody Trainer who keeps your heart rate elevated as you dance it out so you can leave feeling sweaty and accomplished.

If you are new to DanceBody and have never taken a dance cardio class, this is a great place to start!

The Best DanceBody Classes for Toning: Sculpt

Gain the strength and stability needed to lay the foundation of your DanceBody… without even having to dance! Sculpt is our fast-paced, low-impact class that will give you a sense of our rhythms while experiencing a great full body burn - we leave no muscle untouched. Expect to activate parts of your body you’ve never felt before as this fun class flies by.

As dancers, the way we train is rooted in the concept of low resistance and high repetition in order to twist and tone our bodies. This type of unique transverse movement creates the hallmark of the DanceBody physique - strong, yet lean muscle tone. Try using our 2-3lb D-Weights and Resistance Band as you move to the beat of the best music out there. In a very sneaky way, this class will help you start to feel coordinated without actually having to move your feet.

The Best DanceBody Cardio Class for Non-Dancers: Interval Express
Thanksgiving Free - Interval

Prepare to challenge yourself (and your heart rate) with this 30 minute athletic, HIIT-style class. Interval Express is structured to take your heart rate up and down, just like a traditional HIIT class, but taught through the lens of a dancer. You can expect to move to the beat of the music as your #DBTrainer takes you through low and high intervals. No tricky footwork involved - but you will feel like you are dancing! You will see traditional aerobic movements like jumping jacks, burpees (we affectionately call them "pop ups”), jump squats, and other plyometric moves designed to raise your heart rate. This style of training is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ways to condition your cardiovascular health and lose weight. There's no dance experience necessary to feel every drop of sweat in this energizing class.

The Best DanceBody Class for a Full-Body Workout When You're Short on Time: Sculpt Express
Justina - Sculpt

When you’re looking to squeeze it ALL into a shorter time frame, our Sculpt Express class delivers. In just 30 minutes you'll get a total body workout, elevate your heart rate, and tone every inch of your body. Similar to our full length Sculpt class, Sculpt Express packs in the juiciest parts with no dance experience necessary. Expect fast-paced dance-inspired movements that strengthen your back, arms, core, legs, butt and leave you feeling better than when you started.


DanceBody is dance fitness for EveryBody. No matter what your workout level, age, or life phase – we meet you where you're at. Also, remember, in every class you have one important option: PERMISSION TO MODIFY! If you need to go slower or slightly modify movements, communicate with your body and go from there.

If you're looking for nice people dancing to good music, you can sit with us. Book a Dance Express, Interval Express, Sculpt, or Sculpt Express class HERE in one of our classes located in NYC, Miami, The Hamptons - or try DanceBody LIVE no matter where in the world you are!