The Truth About DanceBody Sculpt Classes

The Truth About DanceBody Sculpt Classes

Looking for a DanceBody…without all the dance cardio? Look no further than our Sculpt class - the best full total body sculpt workout. Prepare to feel muscles you didn’t even know existed as you execute unique moves only dancers can deliver. Dance conditioning requires high repetitions and low resistance, and our Sculpt class replicates this process. With movements set to the beat, you’ll feel like you’re dancing through the burn.

Read on to learn exactly what you can expect from a DanceBody Sculpt class.


How Does it Start?

Very similarly to our other DanceBody classes, our Sculpt class begins with a dynamic warmup to get your blood flowing and your muscles awakened for movement.

Really, There’s No Dancing?

There are no dance routines in our Sculpt classes; however, after our initial warmup you'll see 3-4 minutes of follow along movement to ramp up your lymphatic system. This can easily be modified into low impact movement if you cannot jump at all. But NO, there is no dancing!

Do I Need Equipment for Class?

Yes, DanceBody Sculpt uses key pieces of equipment, all of which can be purchased on the DanceBody Shop. If you come to class at our studio, you'll be provided with all the equipment you will need. If you’re working out at home with DanceBody LIVE, it’s time to get committed with these equipment essentials:

  • Resistance Band - The non-latex resistance band is utilized to provide medium resistance while sculpting your upper and lower body. You get resistance both ways, so your body stays activated. Plus, it’s the lightest piece of equipment you can travel with.
  • D-Weights - DanceBody D-Weights were created to fit perfectly in your hands as you weave, twist, and tone your arms to dancer perfection. The unique shape allows you to extend your fingertips, as all dancers do, through elongating movements.
  • HexMat®️ - Our perfectly cushioned DanceBody HexMat was designed and patented but us to specifically serve our Sculpt exercises. The numbered 1-6 corners make it easy to understand where to position yourself during class - think of it as a game of workout Twister. This unique exercise mat protects your joints, without having to fold multiple times, while you shift positions from legs to abs.
  • Dance Bands®️ - Known as “extra credit for your arms,” Dance Bands can be worn during all workouts: dance cardio, sculpt, really anything! Weighing 3/4 lb. per band, Dance Bands create the extra resistance your upper body needs. Designed to fit even the smallest wrists and easy to wipe down after your workouts.
  • Sculpt Bands - The sleekest ankle weight you’ll ever see. Weighing in at 1 lb. per band, the extra resistance of the Sculpt Bands will help you to feel the burn, get toned, and look damn good while doing it.

What Kind of Exercises Can I Expect to See?

The first 30 minutes…
After the first 30 minutes of standing exercises that incorporate muscle fatigue, compound movements, and stabilization using our Resistance Bands and D-Weights, you’ll come down to the HexMat for the last portion of class.

The last 30 minutes…
Just because you’re on the floor for the second half of class, don’t expect to nap! Prepare to “feel the burn” with our leg series. This challenging set of lower body exercises always has a specific focus, decided by the trainer teaching. An all fours series tends to focus more on butt lift and core stabilization, while a side series brings an awareness to your inner/outer thighs and obliques. Several of our movements can also be found in the Pilates and Physical Therapy world - what makes them unique to DanceBody is the muscle fatigue you will experience that inspires your muscles to change. Plus, the movement is set to the best music out there!

How Does Class End?

Class always ends with abdominal exercises on our HexMat. At DanceBody, our main focus through our ab series is the transverse abdominis - otherwise known as the most underutilized area of your core! However, this area is crucial for pre/post natal moms and for maintaining a strong core foundation. I call our ab section the “cherry on top." It’s nice to lay down and focus acutely on this area - but the secret is, if you’ve been doing Sculpt right, those abs have been engaged from beginning to end!

What Are The Benefits of Sculpt?

Sculpt classes always leave me feeling powerful and confident. The goal of this full body burn is to condition and activate your muscles in a methodical way. My vision is always to feel the contraction and then expansion of the muscle, leaving you with a long lean, strong look and feel. The great news about Sculpt is that you aren’t sacrificing a good sweat - every class will rocket your heart rate into the fat burning zone and keep it there for most of the hour. You’re welcome 😁. Working your muscles will increase your caloric burn throughout the day - as opposed to simply burning fat, this muscle engagement is what builds the strongest layer of your DanceBody.

Get your sweat on with this 20-minute Full Body Sculpt: 

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