Why We Love Galentine's Day

Why We Love Galentine's Day

Haven’t you heard that “working out” is the new “going out.” It’s undeniable that there's a certain energy that comes from being in a group fitness class. We experience this very real phenomenon every time we workout with others, especially with friends. You show up together, and you show up better. Dance fitness workouts especially are a lot more fun and energy inducing in a group. This feeling is especially felt around one of our fav holidays: Galentine’s Day.

Here are the three main reasons why coming to a dance fitness class, in-person, is so important.

More oxytocin: the bonding hormone

Let’s be real: cardio is very hard to do alone! This is one of the main reasons why coming to an in-person class makes a difference. Studies have shown that regular aerobic activity increases the hormone oxytocin, which decreases anxiety, and one of the best ways to experience that hormone increase is in a community. Oxytocin may be responsible for that high you get from being around other people because it facilitates the bond you feel in social interactions.

Participating in a DanceBody dance cardio class in-person gives you the full rush of feel-good chemicals, including oxytocin. Not only will you push yourself harder, you’ll develop that “can’t stop won’t stop” perseverance mindset when in the midst of a group. The silver lining is that as a result of this strong bond with a group or a friend, you’ll hold yourself more accountable than you solo.

Valentines Day Workout with Emily and Kellie

Creates a community for mental health

Over the past year or so, we’ve noticed that our DanceBody studio locations and pop up classes have become a destination for social interactions. Now, attending a group fitness class is one of the few places you can go to meet other like-minded people. In today’s climate where you can be remote most of the time, there’s every excuse NOT to show up. However, now we see the trend around classes turning toward showing up earlier and staying later, simply to connect and chat with other humans in real life! Our community has become a sunny spot, even on the most isolating of days. As a result, people have made it a point to stick to their dance workouts because when we’re around others we tend to mimic that behavior of accountability.

But beyond just the physical benefits of showing up, community has become even more essential to our mental health on every level. Research discovered that group fitness helped to reduce stress by 26 percent, versus working out alone. So that means celebrating Galentine’s Day with dance fitness will easily make you 26 percent happier.

DanceBody Vaelntines day

Friendships are formed

We’ve watched deep friendships form (and even business partnerships brokered!) because two women have continually shown up to the same classes. DanceBody is an incredible creative hub where the more you talk to the people around you, the more you’ll discover how much you have in common. It’s been beautiful to witness our community expand beyond the studio, especially our mom community.

These friendships are made even stronger because after you’ve moved and sweat, you have more productive and deep conversations. It only takes 120 minutes of dance fitness a week to improve brain activity and overall function. Whether it’s a new friend or an existing one, before you enjoy an activity and talk it’s nice to break the ice first with a workout. Total mood boost. 

When you’re not sure who to talk to it’s invigorating to form new bonds. And Galentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show up and socialize.

The takeaway

What holds us accountable? Other people! We are simply more committed and accountable to something when we don’t want to go back on our word, especially with friends.