DanceBody HexMat: The Exercise Mat You Didn't Know You Needed

DanceBody HexMat: The Exercise Mat You Didn't Know You Needed

“We don’t do yoga, so why would we use a yoga mat?” Katia asked, before she designed and patented the best exercise mat, The DanceBody HexMat®. It’s the piece of equipment you never knew you needed that you can use for everything.

Our perfectly cushioned DanceBody HexMat was designed specifically with our dance fitness workouts in mind. It’s incorporated into every class on our schedule (except Hip Hop Hits) and of course, most of all, throughout our Sculpt classes. Made of ¾ inch foam, the DanceBody HexMat really is the best exercise mat because it was created to stay in place while you move your body through every different exercise position. There’s no more spinning around and folding over your mat during class, to protect your joints. Its lightweight but sturdy material is the ideal thickness and size, so you can focus on the moves without any discomfort or dizziness.

Then there’s the challenge of knowing what to do. How many times in a fitness class have you been unable to see the instructor, let alone follow along as they are telling you to position yourself? Enter the DanceBody HexMat, which takes the guesswork out of your workout and allows you to focus on how you’re going to survive those leg lifts! Its proprietary design maximizes your workout and easily allows you to understand which muscle groups are being targeted.


The DanceBody HexMat is the best workout mat because it’s like the game of Twister for adults, but with better body results: “Right leg #4,” the instructor calls out, and you go to it and immediately your glute medius is feeling the burn. The corners are numbered 1 through 6 so that our trainers can guide you through every exercise with seamless precision. Each number corresponds with a specific muscle activation. Certain muscles can be hard to engage on a standard, oftentimes rectangular, mat. But the DanceBody HexMat ensures micro movements are made easy, without the need to move the mat or reposition it.

The best part of our DanceBody HexMat is that it is the most versatile piece of equipment. It accommodates all body types, fitness levels, and stages of life - plus it’s kid and pet approved.

Worried about flexibility? Don’t be! Our DanceBody trainers show you how to hit each number without over-stressing your alignment. As long as your hands and feet are in the proper positions, with hips squared and abs engaged, the rest will flow naturally.

Get ready to meet the last exercise mat you’ll ever purchase, and the best exercise mat you’ll ever find. Find it on the DanceBody Shop.

Ready. Set. Sweat!