DanceBody Miami

DanceBody Miami

The DanceBody team is turning up the heat with a permanent, year-round studio in the sunshine state. DanceBody Miami is your new go-to dance cardio workout in South Florida

Whether you’re visiting for the weekend or are a Miami resident, get ready to meet your DanceBody Miami vibe master, Caitlin O’Neill.

What's your favorite part about teaching a class?

I love the feeling of putting out energy through movement to my class and receiving the same thing back from them.  When they're working hard it motivates me to push even harder and that feeling lights me on fire (in the best way possible haha). 

Beyond the studio classes, you also teach Private Sessions and even bachelorette parties?!

While I love teaching class, the best part about teaching Private Sessions is being able to zone in on one person's form, assist them through any injuries or limitations they might have, and truly see improvements in their movement. Private clients inspire me to keep learning and improving as an instructor. Connecting with these amazing individuals on a daily basis keeps me motivated. 

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How do DanceBody Miami and DanceBody NYC differ?

We're a more easy going species down south. But as soon as I turn the music on for class, it's a full-on party! 

What is the most unique aspect of DanceBody Miami?

What I have always loved the most about DanceBody Miami is the community we've built here. I’ve been with the team since 2017, and am proud to have watched our Miami presence grow. Our clients are beyond welcoming to newcomers in class, immediately assuring them that they're going to love the workout even if their first class feels "a little crazy." We're a tight knit team and while we are smaller, we are mighty! 

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DanceBody Miami is a dance cardio escape where the energy is infused with true Miami heat. It’s a community connection of north meets south. 

“When you dance with other like-minded people in a group the energy is undeniable. An energy vortex is created, and is felt deeply in each of us. We carry those vibrations with us long after class has ended. You quickly discover we are so much more alike than we are different. And knowing that, we feel less alone.” — Katia Pryce, DanceBody CEO + Founder.

DanceBody babes from all across the country got to meet Caitlin and Stacy in-person, at our first ever DanceBody Retreat in Miami Beach, February 3rd-6th.  It was a weekend of wellness, workouts, and community led by co-founders Katia and Courtnay. La Croix kept everyone hydrated throughout the entire retreat as our beverage sponsor, and Sports Illustrated for JCPenney outfitted the whole crew for one of the workouts. The group enjoyed an invigorating masterclass with FaceGym before concluding a weekend of dance cardio fun at our special retreat dinner at Kiki on the River. If you missed out on this retreat, don’t worry, we’re already setting the stage to host our second retreat very soon!

We’re excited to bring all of our DanceBody Miami streamers live, in-person classes that they can enjoy on a regular basis. Book your dance cardio Miami class here.