DanceBody Strength + Stability Workout

DanceBody Strength + Stability Workout

The DanceBody Strength + Stability workout class is a 30-minute barefoot class that uses our BodyBand to activate your muscles and fine tune your alignment. Focusing on slower, micro movements with intention helps to stabilize your entire body, prevent injury, and find more control and flexibility in your workouts. 

In Strength + Stability the focus is on functional movement and range of motion. While this class is a workout on its own, it’s also great to do before or after other classes as a warm up or cool down. We sometimes refer to Strength + Stability as “dancer rehab” because of the focus on shoulder, core, hip, knee, and ankle stability. 

We recommend incorporating this class 1-2 times a week. Check out DanceBody Strength + Stability, an in-studio class in our New York NoMad and TriBeCa studios. You can also take this, or any DanceBody dance cardio or sculpt class, online through DanceBody LIVE. Whether you join the class LIVE or around your own schedule On Demand, Strength + Stability is the perfect addition to a well-rounded fitness routine. Try to fit this quick, 30-minute class in one to two times every week to see results.  

Check out what a DanceBody Strength + Stability class is all about.

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