How to Be a Streamer

How to Be a Streamer

Our DanceBody at home workouts are there for you when you can’t make it to class in person. You don’t have to live in New York City to have access to the best boutique dance fitness workouts. With over 130 hours of On Demand options to choose from, plus over 10 DanceBody LIVE classes streamed daily, the DanceBody team is dedicated to bring that  same ”in-studio” energy to you at home. And our community of streamers–which spans countries such as Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Serbia, and more know that it’s only together that we can #KeepMoving. 

Being a streamer is a fun, convenient, interactive way to be a part of the DanceBody community because you can join in from anywhere in the world, at any time. Just take it from those who do it every single day. 

Meet four #StreamTeam members, Andrea, Gabrielle, Jill, and Grace, who make their DanceBody at home workouts part of their wellness routine daily.

When did you first become a DanceBody streamer?

Andrea: I discovered DanceBody on Instagram in 2017. I was impressed by the musicality and dance styles. I became a streamer in March of 2020.

Gabrielle: I discovered the DanceBody NoMad studio in January 2020 to tone up for my wedding. Little did I know COVID was around the corner and would shut down the world – except for DB LIVE! Katia and Courtnay were in the studio everyday, streaming LIVE workouts just for the #StreamTeam. In a time of uncertainty, lockdown, and anxiety, KP and Court truly kept me sane by providing an hour to escape reality, turn off my mind, and just dance. Their dedication through this time made me realize the passion behind this company and inspired me to #KeepMoving.

Jill: I found DanceBody on Instagram in 2018, I did the workouts on YouTube before officially becoming a subscriber in 2019.

Grace: I first became a streamer in March of 2021. I really wanted to find something I could do at home that kept me accountable to my goals each day. I wanted a program that was challenging, burned the right amount of calories for me, had a variety of trainers, and played great music. Then I discovered what I really needed was a community!

How often do you stream DanceBody at home workouts?

Andrea: I stream six days a week with the majority of those workouts being DB LIVE

Gabrielle: Some say obsessed, I say a healthy habit! I stream DB LIVE workouts six to seven days a week, and love when I can squeeze a workout in between my work meetings.

Jill: Depending on how my body is feeling, I stream three to six DB LIVE workouts per week. I love the On Demand section for quick, targeted workouts and when I'm traveling.

Grace: I try to hit as many Full Out dance classes as I can. I usually do at least two Sculpt classes a week based on the time, and I always do a LIVE class.

Describe your DanceBody at home workout set up.

Andrea: I stream from my home in Texas, directly from my computer. I have hardwood floors downstairs where I dance. 

Gabrielle: I stream at the DanceBody underground location, AKA my basement. I have a large mat to help the high impact of dancing and to block my sweat from the carpet. I hook up my computer to my large TV and blast the volume on max, to feel like I am in the studio. When I travel for work, I will stream from literally anywhere–an outside patio, hotel room, parking lot. If it has WiFi, I will make it work. I also don’t go anywhere without my Dance Bands, D-weights, resistance band, and Sculpt Bands. Disclaimer: TSA will stop and search your weights, so allot for extra travel time. 

Jill: I converted my sunroom into a dance studio. I have a full-size studio mirror lined with color changing lights, a 8' x 12' dance mat, and recently added a TV to stream on.

Define what being a “streamer” means to you?

Andrea: Being a streamer allows me to feel like I'm personally attending classes even though I'm not. The trainers always give shout outs to the streamers.

Gabrielle: The convenience alone gives you no excuse to skip a workout, from anywhere.

Jill: I love being a streamer because I can experience these amazing classes at home in Ohio, and still feel connected to everyone in the studio and my fellow streamers! Being a steamer to me is so much more than just logging on to take a class, it's a community.

Grace: It’s an opportunity to dance and learn from the best dancers in New York City, while being cheered on by so many in the DanceBody community. The one thing that made me stay in the beginning, was how invested the trainers were in me. I would post on Instagram, and the trainers would message me back, give me tips, and often repost my story. DanceBody was the first workout where I felt like the streamers mattered to the individual trainers. Putting yourself out there on social media is hard! But it keeps us accountable.

How would you compare an in studio class to a DanceBody at home workout?

Andrea: Once I started doing DanceBody I made it a personal goal to dance with them every summer. Last summer was my first time dancing with them in NYC. I then attended the DanceBody Tour while they were in Austin, TX and I got to meet and dance with Katia. 

Gabrielle: I love making it to an in-studio class because it's almost like a special treat. You recognize a lot of people streaming who are in the studio so it's really nice when you can see them in person.

Jill: I took my first in-studio class in the summer of 2021 and have taken 22 in person classes since! The energy of an in-studio class is electric and pure magic. I love feeding off the energy of the trainer and the other clients in the class. I have met so many amazing people through DB! I was surprised how many people knew me from being a streamer when I started coming to NYC for in person classes. Other DB babes would come up to me in class, introduce themselves, and say they recognized me from being a streamer. I love this community so much!

Did you form any friendships through streaming?

Andrea: As you get older, it gets harder to make friends if it's not through your job. Being a streamer has connected me with so many wonderful and strong women throughout the world! Some of these streamers are even now my closest friends. I suffered a tragedy last year and so many streamers and trainers reached out to me and even sent me gifts to let me know I was in their thoughts. These types of relationships can't be faked and it feels so very authentic. I am so grateful that I found this community. 

Jill: I have met so many amazing DB Babes through streaming. We have group chats where we schedule classes to take together, cheer each other on, and plan DB trips together. We have even scheduled semi-private sessions (virtual parties) together to celebrate with each other.

Grace: I found some ladies who also danced and welcomed me into their community and cheered me on. We all need that encouragement as we are on our own dancing in our own houses miles away from New York. Some of them I talk to more than my in-real-life friends because we do the same thing most days of the week!

What’s your favorite DB song?

Andrea: Currently, my favorite song is the Full Out "Jack U Up." But my favorite song of all time is probably "G4L" By Rihanna and Chew Fu.

Jill: My favorite DB song/dance is “16 Shots,” “Do It To It" is a close second, and I will go absolutely HAM for “Sicko Mode.”

Grace: My favorite dance of all time, “Rack City” and anything by Justin Bieber.

*SIDE BAR* You can find all these songs and more on our DanceBody Spotify playlists!

How has being a DB streamer changed your life?

Andrea: At 42, I’m a wife, mom, and I work full-time. I’m in the best shape of my life. Even when I was teaching dance cardio and I was lighter, I didn't have the stamina that I have now. My shoulders are toned and my abs are getting more toned. I lost 20 lbs and didn't even change my diet. I'm a creature of habit, and having a consistent workout routine makes my life easier. That one hour that I have to dance is for me alone. Additionally, sculpting has given me such a strong foundation and I pay more attention to my form now. It truly helps when doing non-DanceBody workouts.

Gabrielle: DanceBody is 100% responsible for my #BrideBody (and I’ve continued to keep up those healthy habits (mostly).

Jill: I was born with a nerve injury that resulted in a limb difference. I also have scoliosis, arthritis, and a degenerative soft tissue disorder that causes hypermobility, instability, and chronic pain. I started DanceBody with low impact cardio and eventually started taking Signature classes. When DB Live launched in 2020, I totally fell in love with (and became addicted to) the three-month process of "practice, perfect, and perform.” Being a DB streamer has changed my life in so many ways. I learned how physically capable my body is and how many amazing things it can do. DanceBody has also had a profound effect on my mental health. The confidence I gained from DB has completely reshaped the way I interact in the world. I used to get down on myself when I physically wasn't feeling my best. Now I'm able to adapt and modify based on how my body is feeling. I have gained so much respect for my body and have truly learned to love myself.

Grace: I’m way more fun. I’m living out my childhood dreams of learning to dance. I think a lot of adulthood is doing just that. DanceBody has given me great mobility. You can do many exercises to lose weight, gain muscle, etc., but not many give you the opportunity to learn new dance moves, manage to be cool to your kids, and truly improve things that you need as you get older such as flexibility and stability. My back and body can feel if I haven’t moved and that is why I do DanceBody every day.


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