Meet The DanceBody Insider

Meet The DanceBody Insider

Welcome to the launch of our blog: The DanceBody Insider! Throughout the years I’ve heard so many of the same questions, like: “Where should I start at DanceBody,” “How is this dance fitness workout different from others," “Why is dance fitness effective,” “What shoes should I wear,” “Which classes should I take,”... and of course, the ultimate question: “What if I’m not a dancer?”

The DanceBody Insider is finally the place where we're going to answer all your burning questions and SO much more!

I truly look forward to sharing with you through this blog, from the wellness perspective, but also from a humanistic standpoint. There’s so much behind the WHY of DanceBody and in how we “show up” every single day. Wellness to me is holistic: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and communal - it’s time for me to share beyond the amazing butt lifts and body rolls, and go deep with all our DanceBody Babes.

In The DanceBody Insider, you can expect articles on mastering dancer movement, how to improve your workouts, best practices to keep yourself physically and mentally well, fitness trends, entrepreneurship, community, and more!

I started this company as a place where people can feel their best; therefore, it feels natural to provide those benefits in ways beyond the studio, especially with so many of you located around the globe.

You’re Ready to bust into the backstage doors of DanceBody!

Motivation to Keep Moving

Going it alone is tough - doing hard things is simply better together. We know that moving yourself in new ways solo is almost impossible, so we are ready to provide motivation in the form of advice, dancer hacks, wellness tips, and mindful shares, and more. We keep each other accountable to Keep Moving.

A Wellness Community

Fitness doesn’t exist in a vacuum - it is a part of a whole wellness ecosystem. I have the privilege of being connected to so many amazing thought leaders in the wellness field, and am thrilled to share their advice with you to improve your overall wellness. This is one powerful community.

Tried + Tested + Approved

My trainers and I are excited to share some of our favorite, can’t-live-without, items; from the best sneakers, to leggings, to recovery tools, to post-workout fuel, to fitness-tested makeup. Trust, we have tried and tested it all to give you the real deal on real good finds that enhance your #DanceBodyBabe lifestyle.

Real Results Testimonials

Why is Dancebody the only workout you’ll ever need? Don’t ask us, ask our amazing clients! Expect docu-series style stories from real clients sharing about their journey through wellness at different stages of life. Let us prove to you, your struggles, doubts, worries, and thoughts are not unique - we are so much more connected than we even know! We want you to hear about real mind + body results from real people, just like you.

Finally, THANK YOU for giving me this amazing opportunity through DanceBody to connect with you and be a part of your life. I’m honored to be a part of it, and I promise to show up for you.

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