The Benefits of Meditation

The Benefits of Meditation

We believe that movement is medicine, and dance workouts have a true ability to heal. When you dance you not only get in a great workout but you also get lost in the music, motions, and energy around you. But there’s a third level to that connection– the soul. Julie Sacks of Vie Wellbeing offers bespoke meditation experiences that promote the mind-body-and-soul connection. Her practice provides clients with everyday tools to heal themselves. But the best part is that having a meditation practice can also help you get more from your dance workouts, and beyond. Here’s what Julie shared with us about her meditation journey.

DanceBody: How did you get into meditation?

Julie Sacks: Meditation didn’t come easy to me. I used to suffer from crippling anxiety in my 20s. I had constant panic attacks. When my therapist suggested medication I said no, I wanted to get to the root of my problems. I started to meditate a little each day. It was a long road but I soon realized that through meditation the mind, body, and soul are a trifecta that is all about nurturing a good balance, even if that balance isn’t always perfect.

DanceBody: What role do you believe meditation plays in overcoming anxiety?

Julie Sacks: Let’s be clear, meditation is not some magic pill. It takes time to gain control and be able to direct the mind. I went from 20 panic attacks a day to zero by focusing on meditation, healthy diet, exercise, and other holistic modalities. I found this to be a combination that luckily worked for me. This was major trial and error, and is an ongoing journey. I know this works, because I have personally lived it, survived it, and am now thriving.

DanceBody: How would you say meditation can help with dance workouts?

Julie Sacks: Our minds create our reality. Period. Meditation helps self-direct the “monkey mind” over time. It’s breath, mantra, visualization. Don’t just wish you could get better at dancing, through meditation start to visually see it, feel it, experience it before it ever happens. You’ll be able to start to use your imagination, like a child does, to relax and center yourself. It’s powerful stuff. Five minutes of breathing is important. The mind runs the show

DanceBody: Do you recommend people meditate in the morning or at night?

Julie Sacks: I recommend meditating first thing in the morning, as it sets you up for the day ahead. I know that doesn’t always work for everyone’s schedule, but when you can claim a quiet five to 10 minutes a day, wherever works for you, you’ll start to see improvements over time.

DanceBody: Tell us more about your company, Vie Wellness, and how it can help with meditation… a concept most of us like, but fail to make a priority.

Julie Sacks: I create bespoke meditations for people, unique to your current position in life. This will help you work through any issues they may have– fertility, work, grief, relationship challenges, health issues. Through these customized meditations, I help you to find power in the mind and visualize what you want to see happening. My introductory course “How to Meditate for Beginners” is launching this month. It will teach five key lessons over 11 days. This includes a meditation overview, what it is, the origins, benefits, how it works, techniques, and daily practices.

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