The Best Weights For Dance Fitness

The Best Weights For Dance Fitness

When it comes to sculpting during our dance fitness classes we discovered that gripping weights caused tension in our shoulders. This is why our CEO + Founder decided to create our very own 2-3lb DanceBody D-Weights in 2016, perfectly designed to compliment our dance cardio classes.

Using traditional free weights requires a steady, tight grip that can cause stress up the arm, landing in the shoulder. Our specially designed D-Weights allow you to extend your fingers fully through the weight during movement, which looks similar to ballerinas standing at the barre. This change up of energy flow eliminates unnecessary tension, allowing for smoother movement, while continuously keeping resistance on the upper body.

DanceBody Dweights

We use the D-Weights for low weight and high reps. This creates long, lean muscles— just like a dancer! They're used in our Sculpt and Dance and Sculpt classes for a full-body workout, creating a perfect combination of dance fitness cardio and sculpt. Our D-Weights also make special appearances from time to time in our Signature, Full Out, and Hip Hop Hits when we incorporate them into one of our dance cardio routines. Basically, we take them everywhere (and think you should, too).

Aside from using the D-Weight during our dance fitness classes, you can take them when you travel and while at home with DanceBody LIVE. They’re perfect for both upper body and lower body standing exercises. You can even add it in for extra resistance during a leg series or ab exercises on the HexMat.

Katia Pryce Dweights


“The D-Weight can be used in almost every kind of exercise we do. It’s the perfect “extra credit” addition if you’re looking to add extra resistance. While you will get the most out of an exercise using our D-Weights, our movement is designed to still achieve burnout whether you are using them or not. — Natalie Vatalaro, Director of Training and DB Trainer

Our 2lb D-Weights are available for purchase on our DanceBody Shop so that you can add more resistance to your online Sculpt classes or in your Virtual  Private Sessions

Now ready. Set. Sweat.