Why Celebrity and Mom, Molly Sims, Loves DanceBody

Why Celebrity and Mom, Molly Sims, Loves DanceBody

I’ve been working with celebrity Molly Sims during our DanceBody Hamptons season for over three years now, and one of the things I admire most is her ability to prioritize time for movement. Whether it's 6am after a late night, or all three kids are in the studio with us, she gets it done. This summer, we sat down and talked about how DanceBody continues to make her feel her best.

What's your favorite thing about DanceBody?

Molly Sims: I love DanceBody because it works. It hits every part of your body, plus makes you feel mentality strong, positive, and good about yourself. DanceBody holds me accountable. It’s about getting pushed and knowing your limits - good or bad. I love Katia’s energy the most of any trainer I’ve ever worked with - I especially love her choice of music! I love how she leans in, looks at your body as whole, and helps you get to the results that YOU want. I think that’s really important because results differ for every single person.

What have you found to be the best result from DanceBody, mind and body?

Molly Sims: I think the best result is that I get a good mix of high interval, aerobic dance cardio but at the same time continue to build strength and get long and lean.

How is the DanceBody workout different from others you’ve tried?

Molly Sims: The constant mix of moves is really what is different: no day is the same. You never feel that you plateau, like you can with other people’s methods. Mixing it up helps with becoming bored too. Sometimes you’re going to do cardio, sometimes you sculpt, sometimes you do a killer plank series!

Molly Sims: For over three years now, I’ve worked with most of her trainers, and they constantly keep it fresh, keep it new, and keep it moving - they all have that in common!

What are the top three things that keep you feeling your best?

Molly Sims: 

  1. When I hold myself accountable
  2. When I drink water (I have water goals!)
  3. And when I feel good about myself

I feel strong when I do DanceBody, even if it’s a light workout. I think some people have this misconception that you have to do intense hours of cardio daily - you don’t! Keeping your body moving and being consistent is the best advice I can give to anyone out there. Some days you’re gonna do more than others, and some months you’re going to do less than others. I think as long as you’re consistent, (yeah, even with those fluctuations) you’ll feel in control. Exercising is a really big part of my life and always has been. It’s not just about weight loss or keeping strong mentally - it’s about all of those things combined. If you feel good you look good, and if you look good you feel good, and I feel good when I workout with DanceBody.

How can you not love this woman?!

Molly truly tells it like it is, and she hits it on the head here: Life is about moving with the busy chaos around you, not against it. Being kind to yourself is the best thing you can do to Keep Moving, and she proves that time and again.

To hear more from Molly, check out her website or her hilarious Instagram about being a mom will have you laughing over a very full glass of wine.