DanceBody Hamptons: Dance Workouts From Southampton to Montauk

DanceBody Hamptons: Dance Workouts From Southampton to Montauk

DanceBody Hamptons is going to make you sweat! We’re out east all summer bringing the best dance fitness workout to the Hamptons. In residence at the Bridgehampton Community House located in the heart of Bridgehampton, DanceBody is offering daily fitness classes. 

DanceBody Classes
DanceBody Hamptons offers a variety of classes for all fitness levels. You don’t need to be a dancer to have a great workout at DanceBody. New to DanceBody? Try our 50-minute Dance Cardio class which combines follow-along dance cardio and strength training for a full-body workout, or our low-impact Sculpt class which will tone your entire body using our resistance bands, 2lb D-weights, and HexMat.

Summer classes include:

  • Sculpt: 50 minutes of sweat-inducing, dance-inspired exercises to tone and strengthen your entire body using our resistance band, 2lb D-weights, and HexMat. A great low-impact workout if you're new; supportive sneakers required.
  • Dance Cardio: 50 minutes of follow-along dance cardio with full-body intervals mixed in. This is a great high impact workout if you're new; supportive sneakers required.
  • Sculpt+: Using our newly created 8lb HexWeight, this 50-minute intense Sculpt class will increase your strength and leave no muscle untouched. This class is low impact; supportive sneakers required.
  • Hip Hop Hits: 50 minutes of hip hop dances with the highest vibes to the best music. Dances change monthly. Mostly low impact, supportive sneakers required.
  • Signature: 50 minutes of our choreographed dances with full-body sculpt intervals mixed in. These dances stay the same all summer, practice makes perfect! High impact, supportive sneakers required.

Private Training in the Hamptons
From Southampton to Montauk, DanceBody trainers will come to you for private training in the Hamptons. They’re all highly trained professionals with years of dance and fitness experience who are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. You'll feel supported and motivated as you dance your way to a stronger, healthier you. Have more than one person? Try a Semi-Private Session for groups of 2 or more. For groups of 5 to 50 try a DanceBody Private Party. You bring your friends and we’ll bring the heat. Great for bachelorette parties and birthdays. 

Come to our Hamptons fitness studio and experience the best dance cardio and sculpt workout!
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