What Is DanceBody Signature Classes

What Is DanceBody Signature Classes

Curious where to start at DanceBody? Jumping into our Signature class will give you the ultimate DanceBody experience. Be ready for a slight learning curve when you first see our set dance choreography. You will have plenty of time to learn the steps since our dances in Signature stay the same for three months. Every journey has a beginning, and this is a great class to start your dance fitness adventure.


So, What is Signature?

Our Signature class is composed of 45 minutes of choreographed dance cardio routines, followed by 15 minutes of full body sculpting on our HexMat®️. Now, we already know the list of excuses you just came up with: “I’m not coordinated” “I’m not a dancer” “My body doesn’t move like that." We’ve heard it all! The truth is, you don’t need to walk into our Signature class with any previous dance experience - it truly is fitness first. If you have some dance exposure in your past -- yes, that first grade ballet class counts -- that will help your movement, but it’s certainly not required. Give yourself about five classes to get the hang of the moves, and don’t be too hard on yourself!

What Can I Expect From my First Signature Class?

You can expect to SWEAT, feel challenged, and have fun. You will likely meet other newbies taking their first class, so know you are not alone! Most people in class are so focused on getting the steps themselves, there is simply no time to look side to side, other than at the #DBTrainer.

We encourage you to come to class at the beginning of our dance cycle, which happens every January, April, July, or October. Jumping into a Signature class at the beginning of the quarter feels less intimidating than starting in the last month when some clients may have seen the dances for over two months. Either way, you can always expect nice people dancing to good music.

Is Signature a Good Workout?

YES! You’ll experience a quick, dynamic warm up then 45 minutes of dance cardio, followed by a targeted sculpt section, on our patented HexMat®️, ending with a cool down. Hidden underneath the great music and fun dance moves, Signature is structured to cycle you through high and low intensity intervals (dance-inspired of course) which is ideal for conditioning your cardiovascular system and promoting a healthy weight. Your endurance will be tested and your strength increased with the element of bodyweight training in this class.

What Should I Wear to Signature?

Wear supportive sneakers, we recommend either Hoka the Bondi style or Asics the Gel Nimbus style and clothing you can move and sweat in. This can be anything from sweatpants to leggings to biker shorts. Remember, you're working out in front of a mirror in our classes, so we recommend feeling great about what you’re wearing - it always has an effect on your overall performance!

How Does the Signature Dance Choreography Work?

Every three months DanceBody introduces an entire new set of dances that you'll see in every Signature class. It doesn’t matter if you’re in NYC, Miami, LA, or online - our Signature classes will always be set.

In month one, our goal is to “practice” the dances and learn the moves. In month two of the dances, the objective is to “perfect” the movement by feeling your muscles engage and nailing down every detail. And finally, by month three, our mission is to “perform” the dances by moving with more power, strength, and oomph now that the learning portion is done, it’s showtime! By repeating this cycle four times a year, your body will be in a constant flow of change and your mind will always be learning - two things we always need! No stagnant energy allowed.

What If You Just Aren’t Getting the Steps?

Even for experienced DanceBody babes, there's a learning curve each time our new dances launch. If after five classes you still feel just as frustrated as the first, don’t worry, we have ways of getting you there. First, we offer every dance broken down, step-by-step in our Breakdown videos on DanceBody LIVE. This is a great way to learn the dance from anywhere. If you’re looking for a more personalized direction, book an in-person or virtual Private Session with a #DBTrainer. You will be amazed at how quickly you can improve this way! You could also book a Semi-Private Session with your friends to do as a group.

What are the Benefits of Signature?

Cardiovascular conditioning: CHECK. Muscle Tightening: CHECK. Mood Boosting: DOUBLE CHECK! This class delivers both your cardio, sculpt, AND a good mood in just one hour. An additional sneaky benefit of Signature is learning a new skill. Cognitively, this keeps your brain sharp, fresh, and awake. Dancing truly is the fountain of youth - let us prove it to you!