DanceBody Takes the West Coast

DanceBody Takes the West Coast

DanceBody is officially back in Los Angeles! Whether you call Los Angeles home, or you split your time between the coasts, incorporate dance cardio into your LA routine with DanceBody Los Angeles.

Right before COVID hit, in January 2020, our team was ramping up our West Coast presence with DanceBody LA classes at Palisades Village— with frequent pop ins from Kate Hudson, Tyra Banks, and Molly Sims. Now, after our sold out dance cardio LA tour, where we partnered with Bandier, we’re back for good and ready to welcome in our West Coast DanceBody Babes.

Meet your vibe master, Brooke Ivory, our amazing DanceBody Los Angeles trainer since 2019.

Brooke LA DanceBody

What’s your favorite part about teaching a class?

I encourage DanceBody LA clients to bring out parts of themselves in class that they typically hold back, so I love to see them let go. Their confidence really shines through. But there’s something about the sculpt sessions that make me feel like a badass-- feeling the burn of the exercises and vibing with the music at the same time just hits differently. Songs that make me involuntarily move my body end up on my playlists. Bops and bangers only!

Beyond the studio, you also teach Private Sessions.

Yes, all throughout LA county. They can be 1-on-1, Semi Private Sessions (up to 4 people), or parties (5 or more DanceBody LA Babes). Living in a city with great weather year-round makes it easy to find space to workout with clients at their homes, hotels, or offices. Wherever you are we make it work with DanceBody Private Training Sessions

How do DanceBody LA and DanceBody NYC differ?

The beauty is that the classes are exactly the same. Dance cardio in LA and NYC are both known for world-class dance skills. That’s why we have so many New Yorkers who relocated to LA, we’re able to give them a little piece of home. Same goes for when our LA clients travel to NYC or Miami. They have the same seamless experience in class regardless of where it takes place. But the dance vibe in NYC has a level of grit that I think comes from being the mecca for Broadway and live performances. The vibe of dance cardio LA is much more laid back; people have more space to focus on aesthetics.


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What is the most unique aspect of DanceBody LA?

The energy that flows in the studio. You’re surrounded by open spaces with such beautiful weather. That creates a liberating and inspiring environment to connect with yourself and the rest of the DanceBody community.

DanceBody Los Angeles is a fusion where east-meets-west.

“If you spent most of your time on the East Coast, which I have, I think it’s totally normal to fantasize about being on the West Coast. I started spending more time in LA a few years ago, and fell in love with the people, the energy, the endless sunshine, and the desire from the community for more dance fitness!” — Katia Pryce, DanceBody CEO + Founder.

We’re excited to bring all of our DanceBody LA streamers live, in-person classes that they can enjoy on a regular basis and build our DanceBody West Coast community stronger than before. Book your dance cardio LA class here.

Ready. Set. Sweat!