How I Keep Moving Through Pregnancy

How I Keep Moving Through Pregnancy

I cannot believe how quickly my second trimester flew by - it feels like just yesterday I was telling people that I was pregnant! Entering my second trimester, I was able to better understand the best prenatal workouts for my pregnancy and discover types of workouts to help reduce morning sickness. My second of four pregnancy fitness blogs dives into my fitness journey during the second trimester, the must-try DanceBody Prenatal Program, and the ways in which DanceBody continued to help me feel my best.

Second Trimester Feels

The secret was out, my bump was starting to show and everything felt very real once I could share the news with friends and family. This is when I really started to feel and see my body change, which was magical but also the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced.

  • I was able to workout 5 - 6x a week (including walking, yoga).
  • I jumped back into outdoor DanceBody Hamptons classes. It felt great to be back in the energy of the DanceBody community, and what could be better than receiving modifications first hand from CEO + Founder Katia Pryce.
  • I still felt just as exhausted as my first trimester, but the nausea mostly subsided - yay!
  • On week 27, I filmed a prenatal Cardio + Sculpt workout with Katia.
  • I’m lucky to have the DanceBody Trainers on speed dial but if you’re ever curious about prenatal modifications, definitely schedule a DanceBody Private Session with any of our fabulous #DBTrainers

Second Trimester Workouts

Around week 25, I started the Prenatal Program at home on DanceBody LIVE. The program has six workouts plus one stretch class designed to repeat each workout twice, allowing you to test out the movements on Day 1 and then truly perfect them on Day 2. Here’s why I love the program:

  • It is essentially your own Prenatal Virtual Private Session!
  • Over the 14 days, each workout is unique. Katia utilizes different movements that target your upper and lower body.
  • I love that equipment is incorporated. Some days I used Sculpt Bands and 3lb D-Weights while other days I felt too tired to add the extra weight of Sculpt Bands (which is totally okay - Katia approved!).
  • It feels like a REAL workout. My least favorite thing about so many prenatal workouts out there is that they don't actually give me a good muscle burn.
  • I suggest renting the 3-month version as it is great to come back to, over and over again. I am still re-doing some of my favorite days and jump into the prenatal stretch on my rest days.
  • Test out one of the workouts here before you purchase.

Towards the end of this trimester, I felt the need to pivot my cardio workouts to low impact. Even with modifications -- less twisting or jump squats instead of pop-ups -- I was still dancing and got the same endorphin boost as with Signature classes! My go-to was a 10 minute Low Impact with Courtnay.

When I craved toning workouts I focused on Sculpt. Being able to pick from either 5-10 minutes to 45-60 minutes on DanceBody LIVE was perfect. Some days I jumped into a full 60-minute LIVE class, other days I was happy to be able to survive a 10-20 minute body-focused class, like this 15 minute Arms with Emily.

P.S - You need a subscription for most of the workouts above, but hey it’s FREE for the first 14 days!

DanceBody = Fast Labor?

Once the DanceBody community found out I was pregnant, I started hearing from SO MANY other #DBMoms about how DanceBody helped them through their own pregnancies. The most interesting common thread I heard was how fast their actual delivery was! That was all the convincing that I needed to stick with my DanceBody routine as best I could throughout my own pregnancy.

Check out my first blog on how my DanceBody routine kept me going through my first trimester, subsiding morning sickness and helping me feel my best. It's been amazing hearing from other moms out there with different fitness journeys.

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