Meet DanceBody’s Signature Dance Cardio Workout

Meet DanceBody’s Signature Dance Cardio Workout

The DanceBody Signature dance cardio workout is an hour-long fitness class that’s heavy on the cardio and big on the sweat. Signature is 45 minutes of choreographed dance cardio routines followed by 15 minutes of full-body sculpt on our HexMat

Our dance cardio routines start fresh at the beginning of every quarter, and stay the same for three months. This gives you plenty of time to practice, perfect, then perform the moves. While our DanceBody Trainers spend time during the first month of new dances breaking down the moves, there are several other ways to learn the dances. First, you can learn them online on DanceBody LIVE where every single dance is broken down by our trainers, step-by-step. Secondly, you can book an in-person or virtual Private Session and have a #DBtrainer customize your learning experience in a one-on-one session so that you can really nail the moves. Finally, you can also just show up to class! Whether in-person or online, these dances are designed for you to get the hang of them within the three month period. Practice makes perfect.

Before you start thinking you need to be a dancer to take this class, you don’t! Our Signature dance cardio class is designed so you can enjoy a great dance workout with no prior dance experience. Most of our DanceBody Babes started out as  self-proclaimed “non-dancers,” but that changes the more you do it!

Dance cardio is a learning curve, so come prepared to learn, not master it in one class! Similar to learning a foreign language, dance cardio takes time to get the hang of it, but once you’re in the zone, it really is worth the grind. The one thing you can expect is to get a great sweat in every class, no matter what - we leave no muscle untouched.

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