DanceBody New Year’s Challenge: For a Better You

DanceBody New Year’s Challenge: For a Better You

If we’re being honest with ourselves, this particular month, we’re probably not going to get to our workouts as much as we’d like. We’ll also likely have a hard time sticking to our ideal eating plan. And our sleep schedule? Yeah, we can probably forget about that too.

But that sacrifice of self is what the holidays are all about: thinking outside of ourselves and being present with friends and family. Then we jump back in, full energy, on January 1st to reprioritize, and set personal goals for the New Year. There is a certain beauty in putting yourself aside this month, and giving your time freely and openly to others.

Here are 3 ways I’m stressing less about my routine this month:

  1. I’m going easy on alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be “merry making,” but at this point I know my body too well to overdo it - the recovery isn’t worth it! This season I’ll opt a little more towards diluted down cocktails with half the potency and copious amounts of flavored sparkling waters, like Cloud Water.
  2. I’m indulging at the right times. I’m saving all my big sugar spends for social gatherings when I know it will be unavoidable - I’ll never be the girl not at the epicenter of the party doing all the things! I’ve found that the less I do “secretive sugar consumption” on my own, the less I go overboard.
  3. “Some” Movement is better than none. Workouts during the holiday season take a big hit, so every move counts this month. A little bit, every day keeps the workout scaries away. If you're a DanceBody LIVE subscriber you can enjoy On Demand workouts anytime, anywhere.

After the holidays, we're bombarded with the annual phrase: “New Year, New You,” but I prefer “New Year, for a Better You.” There are no redos in life, so let’s just start with embracing who we are, while continuously striving to mold into better versions every year. A fitness challenge is the perfect time to get ourselves re-focused and goal-oriented, on a time budget. What makes the DanceBody community so special is that no one goes at it alone. We start our New Year together.

Dance fitness makes up 20% of a person's weekly workout, according to ClassPass users, and the CDC points out that working out with a partner provides a consistent source of motivation, while also making fitness more of an adventure. Since the people closest to us make us who we are, when we’re around like minded individuals we are positively influenced by their behavior. We push ourselves harder when part of a group as a result of mimicking our partner's behavior, what’s known as the Köhler effect.

DanceBody's New Year's Challenge

I want to personally invite every one of you to join our New Year’s Challenge: 22 workouts between January 1st - 31st, 2022. Then, at the end, celebrate your success at our Closing Party on January 29th in NYC at Bondi Sushi.

It’s all to kick off a better, healthier year ahead while also providing an opportunity to meet new people, set fitness goals, and, overall, have fun (one of the best ways to stay committed). This is a studio-wide challenge, and it doesn’t matter if you live near or far, the experience is the same.

To reach your goals, fitness challenges provide structured guidelines that keep you moving forward, adapt and progress, and because other group members are involved in our New Year’s Challenge, you have a support system to cheer you on which will boost your confidence, self-esteem, and overall happiness.

Behavioral science suggest to create a healthy habit and make it stick you should:

  • Grab a workout buddy
  • Start fresh on a date you feel your best (that’s why so many people start on January 1, it’s truly a new beginning)
  • Set goals that are ambitious, yet achievable
  • Be flexible, but focused. Allow yourself a little wiggle room (we can’t always be 100%)

Fitness challenges push us to greater heights and set the stage for forming new, healthier habits. After the 18-day mark it gets easier and, on average, it takes 66 days for a habit to feel automatic. Commit to 22 days of working out with us in January, a third of the way to the 66 day mark, and you’ll form a new routine (to a better you) by spring!

While I encourage you to show up to our New Year’s Challenge in-person as often as you can, DanceBody LIVE is convenient for a reason. A virtual workout partner can encourage you to exercise 24% longer than you would on your own.

Finally, I like to have an “end date” in mind when I create a positive lifestyle change. By focusing on a deadline, I’m more motivated to proceed because I can see the finish line up ahead. So, I recommend breaking down the workouts into short-term, month-by-month goals, but know that the long term results are coming— you’ll be more inclined to cross the finish line.

Our New Year’s Challenge provides structure for you to Keep Moving. The average adult should get a minimum of 150 minutes of aerobic activity a week— that’s only two 60-minute DanceBody classes, and one 30-minute Express class. Throughout the 31 days of January I want to see you sweat, sculpt, and dance (aim for 180 minutes a week, if you can). As always, the #DBTrainers and I will be here alongside you, doing every step together.

See you on the HexMat®️!